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Welcome to Team Explorers!

Our goal is to help you be successful in your classes.  We focus on academic growth, organization, study skills, and preparing you for high school.  Please check your student’s planner daily to stay up to date on assignments.  You should be reading for a minimum of one hour every night and completing academic assignments.  


Our team consists of Mr. Arnold (History 7/8), Mrs. Speaks(Science 7 & English 8), Mr. Crawford (Science 8), Mrs. Sperber (Math 7/8), Mrs. Ortiz (English 7 & Math 8), Mr. Seton (English 8 & History 8).  We have team competitions that we take great pride in.  We also have career visions, which helps us prepare for a future job and/or career. 

Don't forget to check out our team's Instagram page:  Placerita_Explorers

We look forward to a wonderful school year!


Mr. Arnold, Room 703, First Lunch

Mrs. Speaks, Room 104, First Lunch

Mr. Crawford, Room 402, First Lunch

Mrs. Sperber, Room 15, First Lunch

Mrs. Ortiz, Room 14, First Lunch

Mr. Seton, Room 36, First Lunch

If you need assistance with any school supplies, please see your counselor.