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Students of the Month

Student of Month Winners for March/April- “Citizenship”

Congratulations to the following students who were selected by their teachers for demonstrating the Character Counts trait of “Citizenship”:


Adventurers: Carter Ewing and Miriam Bozman- Carter does his part as a good citizen by cooperating with his peers, being a reliable partner during group work, and helping fellow classmates. He exudes positivity, which helps create an inviting classroom environment, and demonstrates being conscientious with his words and actions, which shows he is respectful of those around him. Throughout the year, Carter has shown himself to be a student who embodies many desirable character traits and Team Adventurers is proud to acknowledge his genuine personality and caring attitude.  Miriam is an example of how a student can be a leader in the classroom in a subtle way and have a powerful impact. She carries herself graciously and extends her calm and astute demeanor to her peers, which results in positive relationships. Miriam follows the golden rule and maintains a meritorious attitude that her teachers appreciate and admire. Thank you Carter and Miriam!

A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E:  Bryce Allen and Emma Seward- Bryce is an awesome young man who is a pleasure to have in our classes, school and community. He greets everyone with a smile and bright hello, holds the door for others every day and always says please and thank you! In addition, Bryce ALWAYS volunteers to help with whatever is needed - from helping the teacher and other students, to passing out papers or just getting up and shutting the door or turning on or off the lights... Bryce is the guy! He is trustworthy, stays true to his word and shows great responsibility in his daily work, as well as serving Placerita through our ASB. Bryce shows respect by listening to everyone's ideas and recognizing the need for tolerance with different people and beliefs. Bryce helps in the community with donations and activities and is willing to help anyone that is in need anytime, anywhere!  Emma encompasses many of the Pillars of Character, but she definitely represents Citizenship because she, without a doubt, makes our school and community better! Emma is a kind and thoughtful young lady who can be counted on by her friends, peers and teachers in a variety of ways. Emma is a good friend, student and citizen because she is dependable, trustworthy, tells the truth, and values honesty. She is helpful to anyone in need and is kind to everyone she meets, valuing their opinions and treating others as she wants them to treat her. Emma follows the rules and treats others fairly. She never litters and is proud to do volunteer work in her community as well as at Placerita. Bryce and Emma, your teachers are so proud of you both- you are rock stars!!!


Explorers:   Ryan Zapata and Austin Lloyd- The character traits that Placerita has recognized over the school year are trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, caring, and fairness. Ryan has shown that he portrays all of those traits this year and that is what makes him a great citizen. All year Ryan has been a terrific student for the Explorers team. He tries his absolute best in the classroom, gets along with all his teachers, helps his fellow students when in need, stays on task and follows the rules. Ryan loves to talk with his teachers and enjoys reading both books and the news in order to know as much about the world as possible. As he grows older, Ryan hopes to continue being a great citizen by working in law enforcement. Team Explorers is proud to honor Ryan and looks forward to another great year with him!  In addition, Team Explorers is very lucky to have Austin on their team. When Austin came to Placerita half way through the year, his positive attitude and kind heart were easily apparent and a great addition to the classroom. Austin is always willing to help our staff and his classmates, and does so with a smile on his face. His teachers know they can count on him to follow the rules and be a good influence on his peers. Anybody would be lucky to get to know Austin because he does not have a mean bone in his body. Congratulations to both Ryan and Austin!


Fusion: Daniel Larkins and Colette Masino- Daniel is currently a member of our ASB, always working hard to organize and plan fun activities for his classmates.  In class, he is cooperative at all times and is a good neighbor to all students.  Daniel participates in class discussions and acts respectfully toward friends and teachers.   Also a member of ASB, Colette works hard to make Placerita a great school!  Colette has a positive, respectful attitude toward classmates and teachers.  She is always actively engaged in class, volunteering to read, share an answer, or to help out when needed.  Colette follows rules and is a natural leader for friends and classmates. Daniel and Colette, your team teachers are so proud of what terrific role models you are for great citizenship!


Excellence: Marissa Soto- When Thomas Jefferson made his case that all citizens be educated because, "An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people," he might have had Marissa in mind.  Marissa is a prolific and articulate writer, and it is clear that she stays informed about national and world events when she writes and speaks difficult truths whether they are popular or not, no matter the social climate.  Marissa is a good neighbor to her teachers and peers, cooperates, and does her share to make whatever class she is in a better place.  Team Excellence is proud to have Marissa on their team!​

Pacesetters: Tatum Barfield and Maddy Kelly-Tatum has a smile on her face every day, and is a friend to everyone she meets. Tatum's dance teacher Mrs. Sucheck says that Tatum is an awesome dance student, friend, and leader to everyone in class.  She has one of the most caring hearts. She is kind and a fierce advocate for justice. Don't mess with Tatum if you dare break the rules or say anything unkind! All of her teachers agree that Tatum is a shining example of citizenship in class each and every day! Maddy is one of those students who stands out for her positive attitude and respect for others. Maddy works hard every single day, and never makes excuses. What makes Maddy such a great citizen is her willingness to help those around her. Whenever a student needs a partner, Maddy is there. If a student is stuck or needs help with something, Maddy is always willing to lend a helping hand without judgment. Maddy makes our classrooms better, and her teachers appreciate her kindness and team spirit!  Great job, Tatum and Maddy!


Q.U.E.S.T.: Jose Ortega Nuñez and Zoe Titus- Jose demonstrates the character quality of "Citizenship" by showing strength in a very quiet manner.  His leadership is not in overt actions but in simple, focused discipline that he has developed to treat peers well, to respect adults and to follow school rules.  Jose upholds Placerita's values by working hard and doing his part in enhancing team Q.U.E.S.T.'s principle desires of character development.  Zoe demonstrates the character quality of "Citizenship" by being cooperative in class with both peers and teachers and in a polite manner.  Her contributions are positive to class discussions with polite responses to all.  She shows respect and kindness and encourages other students to do their best.  Zoe demonstrates this by helping at Meadows Elementary School in the "Music Makers" program by volunteering her time for set up, organizing and working behind the scenes so that their program will be most beneficial to their students.  In the future, Zoe's contributions will benefit many other people’s lives so they will be the best they can be.  Thank you, Jose and Zoe! 


Synergy: Malena Neveleff and Thomas Auerbach- Malena personifies the characteristic of Citizenship for team Synergy in a variety of ways. Malena is the complete package: an excellent student, a thoughtful friend, and a kind-hearted individual. She is friendly to all other students in her class and goes out of her way to make new students feel comfortable. Malena participates with gusto in class discussions and grasps new complex ideas quickly. But, above all, it is her calm and even temperament that makes her a person that both teachers and other students enjoy being around. With her inquisitive and driven nature, there is no doubt that Malena has a stellar future ahead of her!  While all students at Placerita are familiar with Thomas as a presenter on Miner Morning TV, his teachers and classmates have the pleasure of interacting with him on a daily basis. He is definitely a star in their eyes! When team Synergy heard the character trait of the month was Citizenship, all teachers thought of Thomas. He has consistently been a high-achieving student, caring peer, and respectful young man since the beginning of the year. Thomas can be counted on to cooperate in class, help other students without a teacher having to ask, obey, follow, and enforce class rules, and to have a smile on his face. Thomas is one of those rare individuals who continues to impress his teachers daily, whether it be through his positive attitude, academic success, ambition, or his drive to be the best he can be. Great job, Malena and Thomas!


Congratulations to these Students of the Month!  You are invited to our final brunch of the year held in your honor this Friday, May 5th.  Thank you for making Placerita a place where Character Counts!