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Students of the Month

Student of Month Winners for October- “Respect”

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected by their teachers for demonstrating the Character Counts trait of “Respect”:

Adventurers: Sarah Hernandez and Johnny Trujillo - Sarah is an incredibly sweet individual who always displays good manners in class. She brings a smile to her teachers every day! Sarah is considerate of others, works well with her peers, and demonstrates respect for the educational process in terms of participation, completion of work, and diligence in her assignments. Ultimately, Sarah respects herself and everyone with whom she comes into contact.
Johnny is a respectful individual because he demonstrates being courteous on a daily basis. As teachers, we overhear conversations and observe how students treat each other in and out of the classroom, and the Adventurers teachers have seen how he is a fair and respectful leader in his classroom groups. Johnny takes others into consideration, follows rules and directions, and embodies the Golden Rule. He is a student who can be counted on, and is a positive influence on others!
A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E: Cesar Rodriguez and Payton Jones - Cesar is an amazing young man who brings a smile to his teachers’ faces! He is incredibly kind, helpful and polite, not only to his teachers, but to all his classmates as well. Cesar is respectful to himself by showing responsibility and GRIT in all academic situations and never giving up, and is respectful to others by being a GREAT listener, always being thankful and NEVER judging or bullying anyone. His willingness to help those in need, his honesty, and his incredible character make Cesar a fantastic choice for Student of the Month!!
Payton is one of the most polite and respectful people that team A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E. has encountered. He shows good manners that are beyond his years. Not only does he not talk while others are talking, including his classmates, but he makes a point to be a careful listener, giving his full attention at all times. Payton also shows respect to himself by doing his best at all times, and to others by being courteous and thoughtful of those around him, never excluding others and always being kind. Payton shows respect for his campus by following the rules and never leaving trash behind.
Great job Cesar and Payton...You are BOTH the ROCK STARS of RESPECT!!
Explorers: David Alvarez and Ryan Lucero - David is a wonderful young man who shows nothing but respect towards his teachers and his fellow students. David is willing to work with anybody and listens to their thoughts and ideas. Each day, David enters the classroom on time and with a smile. He engages with his teachers and his peers in a friendly manner and he wants to make sure they are doing well. In class, David shows respect by working hard on his assignments and doing his homework. Outside the class, David exhibits respect by saying hello in the hallways and by kindly teasing Mr. Crawford about the success of his beloved Dodgers.
Ryan is a kind, patient, and very respectful young man. He is always smiling and willing to listen to his friends. It has been a pleasure having Ryan in class- he is a student that teachers can rely on to get his work done, to ask for help if he needs clarification, and to help others. It is very clear that Ryan values education and respects all individuals. He is a role model student with great leadership qualities. Ryan makes coming to school that much more enjoyable and his teachers are incredibly fortunate to have him in class.
Great job David and Ryan!
Fusion: Brooke Saaty and Sarah Hengst - Brooke has a friendly, beautiful smile at all times! She is polite toward all her classmates by patiently waiting her turn and helping others who need it. She is always willing to share her thoughtful ideas in class discussion. Brooke’s teachers appreciate her gracious manner and love having her in class!
Sarah is a lovely young lady who is a positive influence for her peers. She is a courteous partner who is always kind and guides her classmates in the right direction. Sarah is an outstanding listener and shares insightful answers in class discussion. Her teachers enjoy her quiet strength and feel so lucky to have her in class! Both girls are excellent role models for respect! Congratulations Ladies!
Excellence: Avalina Andrew and Maggie Yoshioka - Ava is extremely respectful and polite. She is a leader in the classroom; she tackles the most difficult questions and does so with style. Ava is articulate beyond her years and has an amazing way of formulating her responses both verbally and in writing. Ava does not leave class without dropping a "thank you" to her teachers. She is a role model student!
Maggie is also extremely respectful. She goes out of her way to greet her teachers before class and always leaves with a “thank you”. Maggie is always open to and willing to work with any student in class. She goes above and beyond in everything she does, such as being the top A/R point earner on the team! Outstanding job, Maggie. Thank you for being so wonderful! Thank you Ava and Maggie!
Pacesetters: Wilber Berduo and Maylen Blade - Wilber is a hard worker who respects himself and his classmates. He is always polite and waits his turn to speak . He communicates like a gentleman and respectfully asks questions when he needs to. Wilbur shows respect by taking great pride in his work and always gives 100% effort. Wilber is kind to his peers, and always happy to lend a helping hand.
Maylen exemplifies what it means to be respectful every day. She comes to class each day ready to learn and greets her classmates by name. With a smile on her face, she respectfully helps her English teacher when technology gets confusing. Maylen’s drive and determination are reflected in her successes both in and out of the classroom- she is a super star. Maylen truly demonstrates respect for all -- herself, her teachers, and her peers. Great job Wilber and Maylen!
Q.U.E.S.T.: Isis Garcia and Dan Jensen- Isis stands out as a respectful student to her teachers and her peers. She uses discretion in her interactions with people. Isis graciously responds to others with patience and a calm spirit. Team Q.U.E.S.T. could learn a great deal from her respectful character. She is a fabulous role model student! Thank you Isis for being so respectful!
Daniel has incredible patience that comes out a heart that respect others. He helps his teachers and fellow students with technical advice in the classroom with patience and good manners, knowing that not everyone is technologically gifted. Thank you Daniel for being patient and for showing respect to all of team Q.U.E.S.T.!
Congratulations to both of you, Isis and Daniel!
Synergy: Frankie Macias and Alanna Labian- Respect is something that Frankie both exhibits and commands. Frankie is respectful of everyone he encounters throughout his day including his teachers, fellow students and his friends. He has an even temper and is not one to respond angrily to a request or treat anyone rudely. Frankie goes out of his way to help those around him and is open and friendly to all classmates. He never grumbles about who his partner is or what group he has been assigned to. Frankie uses every opportunity to work with others as a way to make a positive impact on those with whom he interacts. He has the admiration of everyone on team Synergy!
When looking up “respect” in the dictionary, it would be safe to assume that a picture of Alanna might be there as an example of what respect looks like in student form. Not a day goes by that Alanna doesn’t have a smile on her face, and a kind greeting for everyone she sees. In class, Alanna treats all of her peers with patience, kindness, and humility. When working in groups she follows the Golden Rule, is an active listener and polite participator, and encourages others to be themselves. Alanna has even been seen offering her roles in read-aloud plays to other students who wanted the same role. Team Synergy is proud to call Alanna a Synergy student. She is a great example to all!