Placerita Junior High

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Students of the Month

Student of Month Winners for November- “Responsibility”


Congratulations to the following students who have been selected by their teachers for demonstrating the Character Counts trait of “Responsibility”:


Adventurers: Luke Nassief and Abigail Paulsen- Abigail and Luke are both valuable members of Team Adventurers.  Luke is a thoughtful and caring student who is wonderful to have in class. His teachers have seen that he is mindful about his work and that he pays close attention to detail. Luke stays on task and is thorough with his work, which demonstrates his self-discipline. He always does his best and has insightful comments during class discussions. Great job, Luke!  Abigail demonstrates being responsible by being polite and considerate of others. She works diligently and stays on task so that others around her can do the same. Abigail shows she is someone who can be trusted to do the right thing by following through and being conscientious. Her actions definitely make her stand out among her peers. Great job Luke and Abigail!


A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E: Daniela Zarate-Castillo and Heath Edmondson- Both Daniela and Heath are Attitude’s "Silent Superheroes" of Responsibility!  Daniela is an amazingly responsible young lady because not only does she always do what she needs to do, but she is aware that everything she does has a consequence and makes an effort to think before she acts. Daniela strives to make good impressions and exercise self-control in her daily life. She is responsible to her family, friends and teachers by treating them with dignity and kindness.  She is also responsible to her community by helping to keep it clean. Last, she is responsible to herself by standing up for, and always doing what she thinks is right. Daniela’s teachers are so proud to have her on their team!  Heath is another wonderful example of Responsibility. You can count on Heath to always get his classwork and homework done daily and be prepared for all class activities and exams. He shows great self-control and discipline no matter what the situation, and can be counted on to always be respectful to people and property at all times. Heath is responsible to his classmates by never excluding others and treating everyone equally. Heath is also a responsible citizen, in that he gives freely without thought of rewards, never spreads lies or gossip, and feels a deep patriotism for his country. Daniela and Heath, your teachers think you are great!!!

Explorers:  Audric Torrez and Brandon Martinez- Audric is the type of student who any teacher would be lucky to have. He not only brings a smile to others’ faces with his humor, but is also empathetic towards both his classmates and teachers when they may be experiencing a challenging day. Audric has met the challenges of his classes by embracing his responsibility and managing his workload. In team activities, Audric never lets his team down and can always be seen putting forth his best effort. He has grown so much since 7th grade, both in height and maturity. Keep up the great work Audric!  Brandon is an amazing addition to each of one of his classes. His care and motivation is evident in his work and the way he presents himself in the classroom. Brandon shows his responsibility by making sure all his work is completed to his own high standards and by going into his classes during brunches and lunch to ensure his work is correctly done- but most of all, Brandon displays his responsibility through self-advocating. Brandon understands when his needs are not being met, and will work with his teachers to put himself in the best situations at all times and to challenge himself to get better. Great job, Audric and Brandon!

Fusion: Sunny Sucheck and Jack Kuhlman- Sunny always gives her best in both behavior and academics.  She is consistently positive and acts as a role model for responsibility for her peers.  When Sunny knows that she is going to be absent, she approaches her teachers at appropriate times and is prepared with her work when she returns.  She has a warm, friendly smile each day and always thanks her teachers before she leaves.  Sunny is a super star and her teachers love having her in class! Jack is mature and self-disciplined in behavior and work ethic.  He gives 100% on every assignment.  His classmates look to him as an example of a responsible student.  He exceeds what is expected of him by persevering even if it means staying in during breaks to perfect his work.  His participation in class is always insightful and lends to a deeper meaning of the content.  Jack is an outstanding student and his teachers enjoy having him in class!


Excellence: Drew Cerrulle- The word ‘responsibility’ implies that anyone characterized as such has the "ability to respond"-  we can infer this means the ability to respond appropriately and swiftly to any of a variety of situations.  All of Drew’s teachers agree that he does indeed display this ability.  Drew is his teachers' "go-to guy" when they need to know where they left off in a particular lesson, or if a last minute errand needs doing, or if a fellow student needs someone to walk him to the nurse because he feels dizzy, or to answer a question that no one else in class wants to touch. Drew can be counted on to perform multiple tasks, and always with good humor and humility.  Mr. Kass relies on Drew, his Studio Manager at MMTV, to keep everything going:  Drew is responsible for checking and cleaning the equipment, for uploading MMTV to social media, and for a multitude of other things that Mr. Kass never has to worry about because he knows Drew has it handled.  Mr. Kass says that Drew is "self-directed," a phrase with which his teachers all agree.  How lucky Team Excellence is to have such a student- Yay, Drew!


Pacesetters:  Kyla Jones and Brian Saaty- Pacesetters are excited to announce Kyla Jones and Brian Saaty as our Responsible Rockstar students of the month! Both Brian and Kyla have done a phenomenal job demonstrating their maturity and dedication this year, impressing all their teachers.  Brian’s skill has been shown in his involvement in both KidFlix and Robotics; he has many responsibilities in both programs, and takes his role as a student leader very seriously. He is a morning producer on KidFlix, a testament to Brian’s abilities. Brian can be counted on to help out whenever necessary, and takes the time to ensure that things are done well.  Kyla works in the library and is exceptional!  She completes every task assigned and then looks around the room for additional ways to be helpful.  She assists peers with confidence and is truly an asset to the library program here on campus. Both Brian and Kyla are wonderful contributors to whatever class they are in; their teachers have noticed how well they work with all of their peers, and show kindness to everyone they meet. Brian and Kyla always put forth their best effort in everything they do, and their hard work pays off. Your teachers are so proud of you Kyla and Brian, and are so happy to call you Pacesetters!

Q.U.E.S.T.: Alexa Manchester and Jax Liescheidt-  Quest is fortunate to have Jax as a student who demonstrates Responsibility.  His perseverance and endurance is exemplary, even when assignments are very challenging.   He purposes to do well and will settle for nothing less. His teachers can count on his word and his actions. Jax plans ahead for absences and conflicts in his schedule. He also stays on top of his grades. Jax is sincere in what he does and sets an example to his friends and classmates.  Thanks for being who you are and for how you benefit team Quest.   Alexa is such an encouragement to her teachers and her peers.  She is always on task in class and always does her best. Alexa is a great example of someone who plans ahead, who is self-disciplined, and who thinks before she acts.  She considers the consequences of her actions and by this she is a powerful example to her fellow classmates. Blend this with her humility and you have an outstanding example of someone who demonstrates responsibility in her actions and attitudes. Alexa, you truly are a blessing to team Q.U.E.S.T.  Congratulations to Jax and Alexa!


Synergy: Solaris Galan and Harneet Kaur-  Solaris is an excellent example of a responsible student and all-around person.  She always comes to class prepared, ready to participate and thoroughly completes all of her assignments well and on time.  She is a great role model for her classmates and is a student her teachers can always count on.  Solaris holds accountability for all of her actions and is a pleasure to have in class at all times!  Harneet has been a model for responsibility since the first week of school. Almost every day, before school and after school, Harneet comes to her teacher's classrooms to discuss her grades, assignments, and offer help. She is always on the lookout for ways to improve, reach the next level, and to help others succeed. Harneet is a responsible, trustworthy peer, takes her academic commitments very seriously, and it shows every day.  Thank you Solaris and Harneet!


Congratulations to our Students of the Month!  You are invited to a brunch held in your honor this Friday, December 2nd.  Thank you for making Placerita a place where Character Counts!