Placerita Junior High

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Students of the Month

Student of Month Winners for December/January- “CARING”

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected by their teachers for demonstrating the Character Counts trait of “CARING”:

Adventurers: Melissa Velasquez-   Melissa is a friendly face in the classroom. She greets her teachers and inquires how they are doing. She's compassionate, expresses gratitude, works well with others, and offers help to her teachers. For example, she will help put student Chromebooks back into the laptop cart in order to assist her teachers. Melissa doesn't do it for any type of reward, instead she does it to be helpful. She takes a genuine interest in getting to know people and likes to share details about herself and make connections with her teachers and peers. Melissa is aware of the impact of words and chooses her words wisely, which helps to create a positive learning environment and sets a good example for others. Thank you, Melissa, for being so caring!

A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E: Jake Schwartz and Olivia Twitchell- Both Jake and Olivia are amazing students and people! They are incredibly kind and compassionate to all and ALWAYS are volunteering to help not only their teachers, but others as well. They care about their grades and behavior and this shows every day in our classes. Jake and Olivia do not take things or people for granted, and express gratitude to their teachers and classmates when appropriate. Most importantly, they truly care about other people, and they have shown this in many ways. Jake, for example, went out of his way to help another student who was in a cast and had a hard time getting around, but Jake was there every day helping him in almost all his classes!! Olivia cared enough about her fellow students to spend her own money at the Barnes and Nobles fundraiser to purchase a book for the class library for everyone's benefit.   Jake and Olivia, your team teachers have noticed how awesome you are!! Way to go!!

Explorers: Luz Melchor Martinez and Jesus Najera-  Luz was a natural choice for this month's character trait.  From day one in seventh grade, Luz has demonstrated an altruistic attitude, and is always willing to help those in need.  When finished with her work, she searches for those who need help around her.  She always says ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, and is willing to put herself out there to make those around her feel more comfortable.  Luz is a natural leader, and whenever someone talks to her, she gives them her undivided attention, letting them know that they are important and what they say matters.  The Explorers are lucky to have Luz on their team!   

"I'd do anything for my friends" might be a phrase used by a lot of people. However, when Jesus says it, he truly means it. Whenever a student needs to borrow a pencil, Jesus is there. Whenever his teachers need some help in class, Jesus volunteers. Whenever someone is feeling sad or sick, Jesus asks what is wrong and what he can do to help. Everyday Jesus' lucky teachers get asked "How are you doing?" or "How has your day been so far?" And most importantly, Jesus means every word he says. Team Explorers are so proud to have Jesus Najera and his enormous caring heart in their classes each day. Great Job Luz and Jesus!

Fusion: Evan Valdiviezo and William Ramirez- Evan has a great sense of himself.  He is easy-going, friendly to all, a fabulous lab partner and can even laugh at himself at times.  He is always upbeat and positive, starting each day with a warm greeting and ending each period with a "thank you".  Evan is always prepared and attentive to details and willing to help any teammates in need.  He is a TRUE gentleman.

William has a genuine smile every time he enters the room.  He is kind towards his classmates and teachers and he shows an authentic concern for others.  For example, if students need extra help, he makes sure they get it right away and, when working with a group, he checks that no one is left out.  William gets along with everyone. What a thoughtful young man!  Evan and William, your teachers love having you in class!! 

Excellence: Ava Kirchmann and Justin Reid-  Ava is kind and generous to all around her in her own quiet way; she compliments the good work and deeds of her peers, and is never arrogant when she receives a compliment.  This is Ava's first year at Placerita, and because of her kindness and caring to those around her, she is a wonderful fit for our school!  Justin demonstrates caring as he goes out of his way to explain assignments and answer questions whenever asked.  He is willing to work with any and all members in a group setting, and never turns away from someone in need.  Ava and Justin are both jewels in Team Excellence's crown- Thank you, Ava and Justin! 

Pacesetters: Ashley Cortez and Julia Pearson- Ashley and Julia have stood out this school year for their positive attitudes towards all of their classmates and teachers. Ashley and Julia truly put forth their best efforts in everything they do, and care about the quality of their work. They both will take the time to speak with their teachers to make sure that they are doing their work correctly, and that they are comprehending the assignments given. Ashley and Julia both demonstrate kindness to everyone, and make sure no one feels left out. When there are Pacesetters in need of extra support or a helping hand, Ashley and Julia will always be that friend. Even though they both have an impressive amount of extracurricular activities, their teachers note that they do not use their busy schedules as an excuse to not get the work done. Hard work and trying their best always leads to great results, and that can be seen in Julia and Ashley every day! The Pacesetters are so proud to have you on their team!

Q.U.E.S.T.: Lucas Robinson and Isabella Sandoval: Lucas has a great caring heart.  He gives from his inner soul to help others improve their lives.  For example, he helped another student on our team who was struggling with the academic work- he spent a great deal of time working with this student, demonstrating patience and compassion.  Lucas has an attitude of gentleness and kindness that is refreshing to witness.  He is a grateful person, and his sincerity can be felt whenever he is present in Quest classes.  He is truly one of a kind!  Isabella has a wonderful caring personality that is magnified through her smile and her day-to-day actions.  She will always extend help to anyone. and will do anything you ask her to do for the class. Isabella genuinely cares about everyone.  She is positive, welcoming and forgiving, and those who know her as a friend can testify that this observation of her character is true. When she enters each period, she brings joy to the classroom environment.  Lucas and Isabella, your teachers can't thank you enough!

Synergy: Federico Luna & Lauren Ekins: Federico is a rock star student when it comes to the character counts trait of ‘Caring’.  He always has a smile on his face, always is polite, and never has a negative thing to say about anyone.  He greets his teachers with a warm smile and hello and is always attentive, happy and thoughtful.  Federico is a model student for attitude and effort in the classroom and is the type of student who can be counted on to motivate other students around him to be successful as well.  He is a genuine person and friend to all, and team Synergy is lucky to have him on their team.  Lauren is the personification of ‘Caring’. Not a day goes by that Lauren isn't doing or saying something kind and thoughtful to her teachers and other students. Lauren can always be counted on to help other students when asked. She will come to her teachers with concerns about others if she feels that they are feeling down or are sad for some reason that can be addressed. Lauren will always tidy up her area and the classroom in general when she sees it in disarray to help her teachers out. She always greets her teachers and says goodbye to them when she comes and goes and her teachers can tell from the tone of her voice and the expression on her face how genuine and caring she is. Lauren is a student that teachers always look forward to seeing in their classrooms because she makes the day brighter.  Thank you, Federico and Lauren!

Congratulations to these Students of the Month!  You are invited to a brunch held in your honor this Friday, February 10th.  Thank you for making Placerita a place where Character Counts!