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Students of the Month

Student of Month Winners for February- “Fairness”

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected by their teachers for demonstrating the Character Counts trait of “Fairness”:

Adventurers: Isabella Clough- Isabella has been selected by her team for the character trait of “Fairness” because she is open-minded and works well with her peers during partner work and group work. Isabella listens to others and treats people with great respect. She follows classroom rules and is someone her teachers rely on to set a great example in class. Isabella works hard and checks in with her teachers to make sure she is on track. Thank you, Isabella!

A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E: Logan Cifelli and Alexandra Boog- Both Logan and Alexandra are amazing people who  exemplify fairness in many ways! Both can be counted on to "play" by the rules whether in P.E. or an academic class - they always take turns and never blame others or take advantage of the situation. When working in groups or with partners, they don't overpower others, but instead are conscious of others, allowing all to have the opportunity to share their input. They are fantastic listeners with their teachers and peers, listening to everyone's ideas and viewpoints before adding their own, and they go out of their way to treat others equally. Logan and Alexandra are students that we feel are working to change things that are unfair by setting a fantastic example of what fairness should look like!! Your teachers are so proud of both of you!!

Explorers:   Natalia Lopez and Jesse Correa- Natalia stands out as a student who exhibits fairness.  Not only does she play by the rules, but her interaction with peers and adults demonstrates respect, caring and fairness.  Her actions in class serve as a role model for her fellow students.  As Natalia moves on to high school, her teachers are confident that these outstanding traits will lead to much success.  Jesse has been a wonderful addition to team Explorers. He is incredibly polite and always has a contagious smile on his face as he enters the room. Jesse is one of the first people to identify when someone is being treated unfairly and does a great job advocating for others. When his teachers need a job done well, Jesse is one of the first students to be considered. Thank you, Natalia and Jesse!

Fusion: Aubrey Privett and Olivia Pilson- Aubrey is someone who is always positive and friendly toward her classmates and teachers.  She treats everyone with respect, kindness, and consideration.  Aubrey is a role model who follows rules and wants to exceed expectations.  She greets her teachers daily and says thank you before she leaves.  She is an absolute pleasure to be around!  Olivia participates enthusiastically in class, but is gracious about taking turns and allowing others to share as well.  She works well with everyone because of her upbeat and honorable personality. Olivia is a role model for integrity and honesty in the classroom.  She has a genuine smile and humorous side to her that makes her always fun to be around!  Aubrey and Olivia, your teachers are so proud of you and love having you in their classes!!

Excellence: James Magadia and Jose Jaramillo- Both of these young men are exemplars of fairness:  they work well with others in science labs as well as in group-work in all their classes.  They take their turn, listen to others, and share appropriately.  In addition to being fair to others, James definitely is a "glass half full" kind of guy.  In his humble way, he is always smiling and positive, sharing optimism wherever he goes.  As a member of honor band, he has to be highly skilled in knowing when it's his turn to play and when to listen as others play. In fairness to his teachers, he lets them know when he has to miss class, gets the work beforehand, and turns it in on time!   Jose displays fairness to others through his open-minded attitude and his ability to hear others' opinions, whether he agrees or not.  While his English class engaged in a spirited debate about an aspect of the First Amendment, Jose gave his opinion, and respectfully listened without argument or judgment, fully allowing others their freedom to speak. Jose does not blame others and, in fact, takes full responsibility for his own actions.  Both of these boys are gentlemen and scholars in the making, and Team Excellence is proud to have them on their team!

Pacesetters:  Nathan Guyton and AJ Marchant-. Both AJ and Nathan exemplify the character trait of citizenship.  From the first day of school they both have made a fantastic impression, and have continued to impress every day since! Nathan is diligent with his work, never rushing through things but taking the time to ensure that he has done the job right. He is patient and kind, respectful to his peers and teachers, and can be counted on to do the right thing. Nathan is a great partner to anyone he is asked to work with, and we know Nathan will keep him or her focused on the task at hand! Nathan does not seek attention, but stands out regardless for showing up every day, ready to learn and contribute to his classes.  AJ is a rockstar, each and every day. AJ works hard daily, and makes sure that her work is not just done, but done right. AJ's effort and attention to detail can be seen in her work on yearbook for the past two years -- both Mrs. Seegmiller and Mr. DeFelice note that AJ's contributions to yearbook are immeasurable. AJ works with anyone and everyone, always has a kind word to say, and makes people feel welcome in class. AJ is patient, sets a good example, and demonstrates all the qualities of a good citizen -- she does more than her fair share to make Placerita and Team Pacesetters better. AJ is respectful to all those around her.  The Pacesetters teachers are so proud to have both Nathan and AJ on their team!

Q.U.E.S.T.: Diana Boggs and Natalie Leiva- Diana is open-minded and nonjudgmental.  She listens carefully to other people’s opinions, sees their point of view, and responds with respectful comments and with great diplomacy.  Mr. Olson said this about Diana:   “Diana is an amazing student athlete who leads by example and remains positive no matter the situation. She has the unique ability to listen to others and make them feel stronger than they seem and better than they believe. She is a natural leader, is highly respected by her classmates, and goes out of her way to treat others fairly.”  Natalie demonstrates a unique quality of patience that allows her to work well in groups and influence others to practice fairness also.  She is a delight to her teachers and friends and she makes Q.U.E.S.T. a better team overall.  Mr. Olson said this about Natalie:  “Natalie is a quiet leader who leads by example rather than words. She is a great classmate and teammate because she remains positive in any situation. She always brings a positive attitude, a high level of fairness, and has the ability to correct without disparagement. She is bright, inquisitive and makes others better.”  Team Q.U.E.S.T. feels very privileged to have  both Diana and Natalie on their team!  

Synergy: Galilea DeLaTorre and Joaquin Bogarin- Gally is an overall outstanding student.  She is fair and open-minded in everything she does.  Gally takes responsibility for her own actions, never blaming others carelessly.  She contributes to class discussions with great thought, but never overpowers the conversations.   Instead, she allows for other students to participate too.  Gally is a productive, successful, and sincere individual and Team Synergy loves having her as a part of their team!  Joaquin possesses a variety of exemplary character traits, but fairness is at the top of his list of attributes. He is positive, open-minded, and values the words, opinions, and actions of all around him. Whenever seated in groups Joaquin can be seen listening intently to his peers, taking turns, sharing ideas and supplies, and creating an open, yet productive work environment. He is honest and can be counted on to play by the rules and conduct himself in a way that is fair and appropriate to all. He treats everyone like they are important, valuable, and equal, making him an amazing, model student.  Congratulations Gally and Joaquin!

Congratulations to these Students of the Month!  You are invited to a brunch held in your honor this Friday, March 10th.  Thank you for making Placerita a place where Character Counts!