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Students of the Month

Student of the Month Winners for September- “Trustworthiness”

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected by their teachers for demonstrating the Character Counts trait of “TRUSTWORTHINESS”:

Adventurers:  Genaro Ramirez and Cadence Walters- Genaro exudes trustworthiness because his teachers can rely on him to help others and complete important tasks. He is a student whom all his teachers praise, and he deserves this special recognition because he shows his good intentions on a daily basis. Genaro has shown himself to be a genuine person and the Adventurers are thrilled to have him on their team.

Cadence is a reliable person who has demonstrated her trustworthiness in all her classes. She has established a good reputation among her peers and with her teachers. Cadence has shown her teachers that she is honest, responsible, and a student with integrity. She is a student who her teachers can count on to help with important jobs both in the classroom and as a representative in ASB. Cadence is a wonderful young lady and the Adventurers are proud to have her on their team. 

Congrats to Genaro and Cadence!

A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E.:  Brayden Jefferis and Sage Davis- Brayden and Sage are wonderful young men who are great role models for trustworthiness. Both can be trusted to always do their work and be prepared. They are honest, responsible and polite students who always do the right thing and are willing to help all those around them. Brayden and Sage have stood out as bright stars since the beginning of the year and we know they will continue to shine! Great job Sage and Brayden - your teachers think you are AWESOME!!!

Explorers:   Alissa Fitzpatrick and Melanie Magana- Alissa exemplifies the qualities of a trustworthy student. She has been a role model to 7th grade students, helping make them feel comfortable with the transition to junior high. She takes the lead role in group activities, helping classmates with their work and making sure the work is turned in on time. Alissa has proven that she is dependable, trusting, and someone people can count on.

Melanie has impressed all of her team teachers with her positive attitude, outstanding work ethic, and smiling face. Melanie is quiet but she sets a great example for her peers of what being a 7th grade student at Placerita is all about... to learn and to have fun doing it!   

Congratulations Alissa and Melanie!  

Fusion:  Nadia Kirchmann and Dylan Burcham- Nadia is an amazing young lady!  She is always friendly and positive with her daily hello and smile to her teachers and classmates.  Nadia is someone who is reliable and trustworthy to get any job done correctly.  Her teachers love having her in their classes!

Dylan is a quiet and respectful young man.  His teachers trust that he is always honest and willing to do the right thing.  Dylan acts as a loyal friend and classmate to everyone.  His teachers say that he is a terrific role model and is a pleasure to have in class!

Congrats to Nadia and Dylan!

Excellence: Morgan Ellis-  In the brief time school has been back in session, Morgan has shown she can be trusted to participate in class discussions, willing to take risks by taking on even the most difficult or controversial questions.  Morgan can be counted on to be focused and sets an example for those around her.  Her teachers are grateful to have Morgan on Team Excellence! 

Pacesetters: Norberto Vicencio and Braelyn Waldeck- Norberto's teachers have noticed his strong work ethic and his ability to be counted on to do the right thing. He frequently stays after to class to clarify and to ask questions and is polite at all times.

Braelyn comes to class each day prepared and ready to work and willing to help others. She pays attention to the teachers and her peers in class and allows others to speak without interrupting.  

Both students have the courage to do the right thing and are loyal and honest Pacesetters. Your teachers are so proud of both of you!

Q.U.E.S.T.:  Regina Enriquez and Patrick Done- Regina can always be trusted to be helpful to others and reliable in all that she does. She reaches out to classmates and can be trusted to be kind in the way she interacts with her fellow classmates.  Regina has a solid reputation with her teachers and her friends. .

Patrick demonstrated trustworthiness by alerting his teachers that there was a grading error, enough to lower his grade, yet he was honest and reported it. In addition, Patrick found some money on campus and turned it in to his teacher. Patrick’s teachers appreciate his courage to do the right thing.

Great job, Regina and Patrick!

Congratulations to all of our Students of the Month!  You are invited to a brunch held in your honor on Friday, Oct. 5th.  Thank you for making Placerita a place where Character Counts!