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Students of the Month

Student of Month Winners for February- “Fairness”

Congratulations to the following students selected by their teachers for demonstrating the Character Counts trait of “Fairness”:

Adventurers: Emily Steele and Arael Martinez- Emily is open-minded and works well with her peers during partner work and group work. She respectfully listens to her classmates, collaborates, and compromises in order to make sure that the work is balanced and that ideas are equally shared and respected.
Arael follows the rules and sets a great example for his peers. He takes turns, works diligently, is thoughtful about his actions, and works well with others every day. Thank you, Emily and Arael!

A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E: Abel Montes DeOca and Halla Cravello- Abel and Halla are wonderful students that exemplify fairness in many ways. Both can be counted on to "play" by the rules, whether in P.E. or an academic class - they always take turns and never blame others or take advantage of the situation. When working in groups or with partners, they do not overpower, but instead are conscious of others, allowing all the opportunity to share input. They are fantastic listeners with both teachers and peers, listening to everyone's viewpoints before adding their own, going out of their way to treat others equally and to include everyone. Halla and Abel quietly work to change things that are unfair by setting a fantastic example of what fairness should truly look like!! Your teachers are so proud of both of you!
Explorers: Jatziric Marcelo and Madelynn Schupe- Jatziric enters the classroom each day with a wonderful smile and a bright attitude. She is kind, caring, and shows her fairness by following classroom rules, being respectful towards her teachers, and sticking up for her friends. Every day she tries her very best and her teachers have been delighted to see how she has grown and changed these last two years. Her fairness and other great attributes will help guide her to success in the future!
Madelynn goes above and beyond to look out for others. She often advocates for those who struggle to stick up for themselves. Madelynn is a loyal friend and often helps students seek guidance from counselors or teachers. When others have not had a turn, Madelynn is fantastic about making the staff aware. Her teachers are proud of not only how she is as a student, but also for her fairness and helpfulness. Thank you Jatziric and Madelynn!

Fusion: Eliza Goeckeritz and Sioeli Aliki- Eliza is a perfect role model for fairness. She is always courteous to her classmates and teachers. She can be trusted at all times to treat everyone equally. She goes out of her way to offer assistance to anyone who needs it. Eliza’s teachers love her interest in learning and her generous spirit!
Sioeli is one of the friendliest students on team Fusion. He greets his friends and teachers daily and genuinely cares about how everyone is doing. He has generously allowed classmates to go ahead of him or take his turn to read or participate. Sioeli is a sincere friend who is always willing to lend a helping hand. His team teachers enjoy his cheerful, positive attitude! Congrats to Eliza and Sioeli!

Excellence: Madison Woo- Madison epitomizes the character trait of FAIRNESS. She is the rare student who, in her understated way, treats everyone the same, with kindness and respect. Madison has a strong work ethic and shows a growth mindset in her willingness to take on in-depth questions that require deep critical thinking, and her commitment to learning is evident in her love of reading: every quarter Madison has been a top Accelerated Reader and recipient of the library's awards. Great job, Madison!
Pacesetters: Carson DeSpain- Carson exemplifies the character trait of FAIRNESS. From the very first day of school, he has made a fantastic impression. Carson is diligent with his work, is patient and kind, is respectful to his peers and teachers, and can be counted on to do the right thing. He is a great partner to anyone he works with. Carson has been seen staying in class on his own time finishing assignments, and taking retests without having to be asked. In running club, rather than run ahead of the pack, he helps to motivate other runners and ensure their success. Carson does not seek attention, but stands out regardless for showing up every day, ready to learn and to contribute to his classes. Thank you, Carson!

Q.U.E.S.T.: Vanessa DeLaCruz and Pierce Marchant- Vanessa is a very hard worker on Team Quest. She is a quiet leader who can be counted on to be fair in areas that she is asked be responsible for. In PE class, Vanessa regularly displays the character trait of fairness on the playing field.
Pierce is a bright, hardworking, and humble young man. He leads by example and corrects without disparagement. Pierce has a great sense of fairness and treats others with respect and kindness. He makes others feel better about themselves and has the unique ability to inspire others with actions instead of words. Congrats to both Vanessa and Pierce!

Synergy: Hailey Austin and Maya Argota- Hailey embodies fairness in every sense of the word. She advocates for friends who are being treated unfairly, offers to be partners with students who she can offer help to, is open-minded, and listens to what people have to say without any bias. You can count on Hailey to follow the rules and ensure that others do as well. She is fair, trustworthy, and a wonderful example of a Placerita student with great character!
Maya is a wonderful student to have in class- she is always eager to participate and collaborate with her peers, and is a passionate advocate of fairness and justice for all. When working in groups, Maya uses language to acknowledge and uplift her peers, does not pass judgment, and listens attentively to their contributions. Maya encourages ideas from friends and classmates and values what they have to say, presenting a perfect example of a great classmate. Congrats to Hailey and Maya!

Congratulations to our Students of the Month! You are invited to a brunch held in your honor this Friday, March 9th. Thank you for making Placerita a place where Character Counts!