Students of the Month

Student of the Month Winners for September - Participation

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected by their teachers for demonstrating the Miner P.R.I.D.E trait of “Participation”:

Team Quest

Clayton Queener

Clayton is a standout student known for his amazing participation. Whenever a question is posed, Clayton is one of the first to eagerly raise his hand, ready to share his thoughts. His contributions make learning more enjoyable and insightful for all of us. Not only is Clayton a star in the classroom, but he also demonstrates his creativity and leadership outside of it. When it came to planning our fall carnival, Clayton was a driving force. He brainstormed a range of ideas that would make the carnival a memorable event for everyone. Clayton's exceptional class participation and ability to collaborate with his classmates make him a true asset to our school and community.


Joshua Carbajal

Josh is a student who really stands out in all his classes. He's always eager to participate and share his thoughts during class discussions, making our lessons more engaging and fun. Whether it's answering questions or offering his perspective, Josh is never shy to raise his hand and get involved. It's not just in the classroom, though; he also shines outside of school. At the fall carnival, Josh took the initiative to help with our cupcake stand to raise money for our team. He made sure everyone left with a smile and a cupcake in hand. Josh's fantastic participation both in class and at the fall carnival demonstrates that he definitely deserves the Participation award. Way to go Josh!


Team Excellence

Nikole Kandkhorov

Nikole is a standout student, consistently impressing us with her active participation. Her thoughtful contributions create an engaging learning environment for all of us, and her enthusiasm is truly contagious. Additionally, her willingness to help, motivate, and encourage students and teachers creates a positive environment inside and outside of the classroom. For example, she frequently volunteers in the classroom and for school events.


Aiden Kim

Aiden is a standout student who always adds his valuable insights to our discussions. His active participation is a driving force behind our engaging classroom environment. Aiden's willingness to share his perspective not only enhances his own learning but also enriches the collective understanding of the entire class. His involvement in classes and extracurriculars proves Aiden's dedication, motivation, and strong work ethic.


Ferlandi Antonio Guevara

Antonio shows Miner Pride through Participation. Antonio is always the first to raise his hand and volunteer to participate in his Achieve class when responding to various tasks. He works diligently to prepare his thoughts to be ready to participate in his other classes as well. In Math, Antonio is willing to ask questions and communicate with his teacher. . Antonio is also the first to volunteer to help his peers with classwork if they are struggling. Despite the challenge of acquiring English as a new language, Antonio continually challenges himself to participate in the classroom setting as well as in campus activities. He is polite and kind and a joy to work with. We are so proud of Antonio!



Lizbeth Soto

Lizbeth is a true team player. She may be quiet but her willingness to participate roars! She makes it an effort to check in with her teachers regarding help for various events, helping around the classroom, and helping our town! She is a member of Club HOT (Help our Town) and even split her time to participate in both fundraiser events by selling popcorn with Club HOT and Ice Cream with the Pacesetters. Mrs. Velazquez appreciates Lizbeth’s willingness to participate in events, but moreso, the confidence she has to participate in class. She sets the pace in our class and her friend group! We are so grateful to have Lizbeth on our team and know that with her incredible work ethic, the sky's the limit for her!


Ellie Fuentes

Ellie has been a standout student since early in the school year. Her teachers all share the same sentiment, that Ellie is awesome! She is a genuinely pleasant person. Mrs. Seegmiller notes that she appreciates how Ellie always makes the effort to say thanks as she leaves class. Mr. Frick shares that Ellie consistently participates in class and is always respectful. She shows maturity and awareness of herself and those around her. She participates by asking great questions and making sure she fully understands the assignment before she starts. Most recently, she managed cashier duties at our Pacesetter ice cream fundraiser at the Fall Carnival. She took charge and stepped in when needed and worked the booth with her teachers and Pacesetter team. With her help we had a successful event and sold out! We are so grateful to have Ellie on our team and know that her drive and willingness to participate will take her far in life.


Team Pathfinders

Joo-Ah Lee

Joo-Ah is a remarkable student who consistently exhibited exemplary participation in her classes. Her unwavering enthusiasm for learning, coupled with her insightful contributions to classroom discussions, set her apart. Joo-Ah's dedication to her studies and her eagerness to collaborate with peers makes her an invaluable asset to her classmates and instructors alike. Her commitment to academic excellence and her ability to inspire others have earned her the well-deserved honor of receiving the student of the month award. Thank you for being such an excellent example for others.


Danna Mendez

Danna stands out as an eager participant who consistently adds vibrancy to the class. Her enthusiasm shines through as she actively engages in discussions, readily answering questions and contributing insights. Danna's proactive approach is especially commendable—when others hesitate, she is quick to raise her hand, showcasing both readiness and enthusiasm for the subject matter. Her participation in both class and partner discussions reflects not only a deep understanding of the content but also a genuine enthusiasm for learning. Beyond her academic success, she consistently displays kindness and respect towards both her peers and the teacher, fostering a positive and inclusive classroom environment. Danna exhibits promising leadership qualities that undoubtedly foreshadow a bright and successful future.


Team Explorers

Jose (Angel) Vera

Angel has been such a positive addition to Team Explorers. He not only does a great job participating by contributing during classroom discussions, but he also does a great job participating on campus by getting involved in school spirit. Angel is inquisitive and is an active participant in his learning. Keep taking chances and we know you will continue to be successful while at Placerita!


Derek Garcia


Team Fusion

Emma Shean

Emma Shean is an outstanding role model for participation. Always willing to volunteer her thoughts and ideas, she is fully engaged in classroom discussions and activities. Her warm smile and positive attitude encourages others to participate in their own learning as well. She is a fabulous partner and brings out the best in others. Because of these traits (& more!), Emma has been nominated to represent her class and team as a member of Student Congress. We are so proud of you, Emma!


Paxton Wexler

Paxton Wexler stands out as a student who enjoys being involved and participating. From sharing thoughtful answers and opinions in class, to planning schoolwide Spirit days as part of Placerita’s ASB, Paxton enjoys being a leader. He is someone who is always willing to help while in class and outside during school activities. He can be counted on to do the right thing and set a good example for others to follow. What a pleasure it is to have you, Paxton, on our team!



Hayden Frank

Hayden is a hard worker and consistently does all his work, He was one of the first to volunteer to participate in the FALL Carnival for our Team and did an amazing job shouting out to everyone who would walk by to come buy our pizza helping us get rid of those final slices! His PE teacher comments that he always does extra laps and is kind and respectful to others. His Math teacher comments that Hayden is eager to volunteer and jumps in to help others who are struggling. Mr. Seton says he is a model student in Study Skills exemplifies what it means to be engaged as a student! GREAT JOB HAYDEN!!!


Paul Freire

Paul was also one of the first to volunteer and help us on the first shift at the Fall Carnival politely asking students as they ordered, "are you sure you only want ONE slice?" which resulted in a lot more pizza being ordered!! All of his teachers say he is a hard worker who does all his work and has a great ATTITUDE( No pun intended!!) He also participates in the Placerita Running Club and is going to be joining Tennis Club soon....on top of all this he is also participating in Tae Kwon Do after school! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK PAUL!!


Team Adventurers

Ines Franco

Ines participates in her learning by faithfully completing all of her work and bringing a peaceful, diligent attitude to class. She gives 100 percent to her work every time! In addition to that, Ines participates in making classes like math, English and history a great place to learn by being kind, friendly, and maintaining a great attitude. She is a great student, a wonderful person, and a joy to have in class! She always shows up with a positive attitude and we look forward to teaching her each day!


Alejandro (Alex) Gutierrez

Alex is excited and eager to be one of the first to participate in every class. He is thoughtful with his responses which helps the class learn from his insights and answers. Alex is a wonderful student, he is always demonstrating respect for his peers and teachers as well as the learning process. He also gives 100 percent each and every day! He is a great joy and a pleasure to have in class each day.


Congratulations to all of our Students of the Month!   Thank you for making Placerita a place where Miner PRIDE Always Counts!