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Students of the Month

Student of the Month Winners for January- “CARING”

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected by their teachers for demonstrating the character trait of “CARING”:

Adventurers:  Alireza Tofangdar and Lacey Lennington- Alireza’s kindness is from the heart, genuine, and given freely. He is always polite, often asking how a teacher or peer's day is going. He is always happy to help! One of the reasons Alireza is a valued member of the Kidflix production team is because of his caring nature and willingness to jump in and help anyone in need. Alireza makes an effort to connect with others to make lasting relationships. The Adventurers are so happy to have such a caring individual on their team!

Lacey is kind to her friends, classmates, and teachers and shows compassion on a daily basis. She is always willing to help and her expressions of gratitude are always welcome. Lacey is willing to go out of her way to make someone feel special and to offer a smile. Lacey is truly a pleasure and her teachers are so fortunate to call her a fellow Adventurer!  

A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E.: Timo Talili and Ethan Soni- Timo is an excellent example of a ‘Caring’ individual for so many reasons. He cares deeply about others’ feelings and needs. He purposely makes sure that no one is working alone during group or partner work and is the first to help others in need. Timo’s huge, warm smile shows his teachers and others that he cares about having a positive attitude and making everyone feel comfortable. Timo also cares about his own success and his grades, putting forth his best effort on a daily basis. Timo’s teachers are so happy to have him on their team this year!!

Ethan is another great example of ‘Caring’. You can count on Ethan to always help others in any way he can! He is supportive to his classmates by never excluding anyone, listening to all views and opinions openly, as well as applauding others’ success. Ethan cares about people's feelings and is never rude or hurtful towards anyone. He cares about himself as well, making sure to keep his academics a priority, while maintaining a positive attitude every day. Lastly,  Ethan's involvement in SSA shows his empathy for others’ feelings and also shows that he cares about his school by making it a better place. Great job Ethan!!!! 

Fusion:  Persephany Sedillo and Lucas Caballero-

Persephany has a warm, friendly smile every day.  She demonstrates consideration when treating all of her classmates with kindness and respect.  Persephany is thoughtful and willing to help anyone who needs it.  Her teachers love to have such a genuine young lady as part of team Fusion!

Lucas spreads positive energy wherever he goes.  He shows such care when asking teachers and classmates how they're doing and when leaving, wishing everyone a great day.  Always understanding, Lucas is willing and ready to help out when necessary. Team Fusion is proud to have Lucas as a role model for the character trait ‘Caring’!

Explorers: Maximiliano Lozano and Ismael Herrera-

Max has made impressive improvements since starting school in September.  He went from being super quiet towards others to sharing his food and pictures of his family! Max makes sure his pals in class are happy by offering his video games when he has the opportunity. He uses "please" and "thank you" on a regular basis to teachers and staff, and does so with a huge smile. Thanks, Max, for being such a ‘Caring’ student! 

Ismael demonstrates ‘Caring’ on a daily basis. Whenever a student is struggling with something, Ismael voluntarily and respectfully helps out the person in need. He is kind to all and cheers others on when they do not succeed the first time. Team Explorers feels lucky to see Ismael and his infectious smile every day!

Excellence: Erik Reyes Diaz and Jacob Rosales-

Erik demonstrates ‘Caring” in many ways.  He helps others by explaining assignments and answering questions. He is willing to work with any and all members in a group setting, and never turns away from someone in need. In his library student service position, Erik is conscientious, kind, and an absolute pleasure to have in the library.

Jacob shows that he cares for others by always having a smile on his face and greeting his teachers politely every day. Jacob is a positive and respectful influence on others around him. If someone needs friendly and reliable assistance, Jacob is always the student to go to. His caring ways are appreciated on Team Excellence.

Great job, Erik and Jacob!

Pacesetters: Brenda Hernandez and Nathalie Ruelas- 

Brenda is a caring and kind student who always checks in on her teachers and offers to help them get set up for their next class. From assisting with putting away textbooks or surprising her teachers with warm holiday wishes and treats, Brenda is a joy to have in class with her pleasant and easy-going nature. 

Nathalie is a mature and warm-hearted student who is always prepared and ready to learn in her classes. She takes it upon herself to offer support to her peers in a gentle and understanding way. Nathalie makes a point of saying "hi" to her teachers each day and brings an exemplary attitude to her classes. There is no doubt Nathalie will continue to do great things as she continues on in her educational journey. 

Congratulations, Brenda and Nathalie!

Quest:  Diego Ceron and Emily Martinez-

Diego shows the quality of ‘Caring’ every day at Placerita. Diego helps in the office, where he is known for his compassion and concern for others. Mrs. Weber, our counselor’s secretary remarked, “Just the other day one of the students looked upset and I heard him checking in, ‘Are you okay? Are you sure?’” Mrs. Kolb and Mr. Cornejo echoed their praise of Diego. Both of them describe him as having a wonderful attitude, and a genuine desire to help students and staff. All of these qualities spill over into the classroom where his teachers and peers appreciate his kind and caring heart.

Emily has a huge heart. She cares about her peers and her teachers. Her teachers say that Emily has the BEST attitude and is a great influence on other students. Emily also takes care in her schoolwork, diligently asking questions if unsure of directions and completing her work carefully. Emily is considerate of others’ time as well.  Her yearbook advisor, Mr. DeFelice, says that Emily crafts respectful and responsible emails to teachers as a representative of the yearbook and exhibits the trait of ‘Caring’ in all she does.

Thank you, Diego and Emily!


Congratulations to all of our Students of the Month! Thank you for making Placerita a place where Character Always Counts!