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Students of the Month

Student of the Month Winners for November- “Responsibility”

Congratulations to the following students selected by their teachers for demonstrating the character trait of “RESPONSIBILITY”:

Adventurers: Ethan Everts and Avin Hakimi-

Ethan is an excellent example of the character trait of “Responsibility”.  He is always mindful of his work. He stays organized and pays close attention to detail. Ethan has helped bring kids together at school in both class activities and extracurricular activities such as the Literacy Club, Show Choir, and the Gaming Club. He stays on task and is thorough with his work, which demonstrates his self-discipline. Ethan is a thoughtful and caring student who is wonderful to have in class! 

 Avin is a very responsible young lady who is polite and considerate of others. She asks questions, keeps herself organized, participates in class, and is a good leader within her peer group. Avin shows she is someone who can be trusted to do the right thing; she follows through and is conscientious, and her actions definitely make her stand out among her peers. Her teachers love having her as a team member!  

A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E.:  John Andre Jabon and Abby Ashford-

Abby is an AMAZING young lady who is a fantastic example of “Responsibility”! Abby can be counted on to try her best, no matter how hard things get. She shows responsibility by ALWAYS doing her homework and making sure to let her teachers know in advance if she will be absent for any reason. Abby is also responsible for her actions, treats everyone with respect, and never excludes others. Abby is so committed to her responsibilities, she was almost ready to give up her well-earned day of awesomeness reward in order to not miss a test review. Your teachers think you are amazing Abby!!

John is the absolute epitome of “Responsibility”! He is an incredibly hard worker who has yet to miss a day of school or a homework assignment! You can count on John to be responsible to his classmates by always being kind, including others, and treating everyone equally. When he borrows anything from his teachers or classmates he treats the items with care and ALWAYS says Please and Thank you. John is a dependable young man who never gossips and is always willing to help out anyone in need. Team ATTITUDE feels lucky to have John on their team!!! 

Fusion:  Camille La Gabed and Caleb Hines-

Caleb is punctual and ready to learn at the start of each and every class. He is always prepared with his supplies, homework, and an open mind. Caleb has been described by his teachers as having a quiet confidence about him and serves as a great role model for his peers. He is a responsible lab partner in science, always follows directions, and does the right thing… even when no one is watching. Caleb actively participates and is respectful of other people’s points of view. He takes pride in his work and is a self-starter. The teachers of Team Fusion are proud to have Caleb as one of their students and are certain he will achieve anything and everything he sets his mind to!

Cami is the embodiment of “Responsibility”. She is self-disciplined, hard-working, and consistently goes above and beyond what is expected of her. Cami comes to class prepared to work, and is very diligent about keeping up with assignments and timeliness after MMTV in the mornings. She can also be counted on to look out for others and help students nearby to make the right choices. She even reads in her free time! Fusion is proud to honor Cami for “Responsibility”!

Explorers: Sage Patterson and Steven Torres Herrera-

Sage is a magnificently responsible student. Each day she walks into her classrooms, prepared and ready for the day's lesson. She is highly organized and always makes sure she turns in her work on time. Whenever Sage has an absence, she makes a point to talk to her teachers directly about the assignments that she needs to catch up on. Even injuring her arm has not slowed her down; she continues to put forth her greatest effort each and every day. Great job Sage!

Steven is a caring and compassionate student. He is kind to his classmates and takes responsibility for his actions. Steven can be relied on to handle activities in the classroom and assist the teachers when needed. He always arrives prepared and on time to his classes. Steven does a great job checking his Infinite Campus and getting assignments completed as needed. He is a student who genuinely cares about his grades and work production. Keep up the great work, Steven!

Excellence: Talia Einaudi and Flynn Reagan-

Talia is always responsible and a model citizen on Team Excellence.  She does the right thing all of the time, no matter what is going on around her.  Talia is a model scholar who can even encourage and raise the level of involvement in those around her. She was a dedicated participant in Speech Club this year. Talia is always willing to participate and engage in challenging activities. Great job, Talia!

Flynn is always concerned with doing the right thing. Flynn is always the first student to have his planner out in order to write down homework assignments. He is such a conscientious student that he even asks for work ahead of time to make sure he has it done by the due date.  Flynn also demonstrates concern for those around him and how they are being treated, always letting his teachers know if he sees something concerning happen with another student. Congrats, Flynn!

Pacesetters:  Kai Pauer and Max Davis-

Both Kai and Max have done a phenomenal job demonstrating their maturity and dedication this year, impressing all of their teachers.  Max’s skill has been shown in his involvement in KidFlix, ASB, and in the classroom; he has many responsibilities and takes his role as a student leader very seriously.  In one class in particular, Max is the Classroom Ambassador, and has been seen jumping up to greet adult visitors when they come into class.  He also keeps track of any student who is absent and personally greets them upon their return, making sure they get the things they’ve missed.  Max can be counted on to help out when necessary, and takes the time to ensure that things are done well! 

Kai is exceptional!  She completes every task assigned and then looks around the room for additional ways to be helpful.  Kai has also stepped into the role of Stage Manager for the upcoming school musical, “Alice in Wonderland JR’.  Kai has been instrumental in every aspect of casting, rehearsing, and ensuring that things run smoothly.  Her ability to see a need, and address that need before even being prompted shows responsibility and maturity well beyond her years!

Q.U.E.S.T.:  Caterina Monjoy and Cody Copley-

Caterina is a mature young lady and the perfect candidate for “Responsibility”.  Her algebra teacher, Mrs. Clack said, "She has a kind heart and she always gives her best effort every day.  She is extremely responsible, and never hesitates to come in and get some extra help before school if she is unclear on a concept." Mrs. Sucheck also remarked, "Her effortless compassion and friendly disposition make her a leader in class."  Caterina’s leadership qualities make her an example of responsibility to all of Team Quest!

Cody is a hardworking, reliable, and caring young man who is the epitome of “Responsibility”. When he is absent, he promptly makes up his absent work. He pays careful attention to details and always does his best.  In addition to all of his academic classes and after school activities, Cody has many responsibilities in ASB. Mrs. Clack, Cody's ASB teacher shared, "He a trusted worker in the student store, and is always one of the first to offer to help others."  Cody is a joy to have on Team Quest! 

Congratulations to all of our Students of the Month!  At Placerita, Character Always Counts!