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Students of the Month

Student of the Month Winners for January- “CARING” 

Congratulations to the following students who were selected by their teachers for demonstrating the Character Counts trait of “CARING”:

Adventurers: Landon Artero and Julia Belyy- 

It is impossible to hear the word “Caring” without thinking of Landon.  His kindness is from the heart, genuine, and given freely to all who interact with him. Landon cares about his peers, his teachers, his family, and his dog and puts forth much effort to make connections and lasting relationships. Landon has even been seen putting his own classwork aside to help his peers complete theirs. He truly cares for the welfare of others.   

There is no better candidate for the character trait of “Caring” than Julia. Julia is kind to her friends, classmates, and teachers, and shows compassion on a daily basis. She is always willing to help and her expressions of gratitude are always welcome! Julia is truly a pleasure and her teachers are so fortunate to call her a fellow Adventurer!  Congrats to both Landon and Julia!

A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E.:  Engy Meglah and Daniel Suh- 

Engy is a great example of “Caring” for several reasons. She not only cares about her success in school and that she is doing the right thing, but she cares about her classmates doing well also. Engy is incredibly kind to everyone, demonstrating patience and a willingness to help others.  You can count on her to comfort those who are struggling or going through a tough time. You are a GREAT person Engy!

Daniel is another fantastic example of “Caring”. Daniel is the first one to step up to take care of a classmate, no matter what the situation.  He also cares about his attitude and tries to stay positive every day.  Daniel is a humble and compassionate person who always has kind words to say. He truly cares about other people and their feelings and shows that by his daily actions and through his involvement in SSA. Last, Daniel shows that he also cares about his community by making sure he picks up trash when he sees it and by volunteering to help whenever needed. Keep being an awesome person Daniel!

Explorers:    Brett Antos and Azenet Juarez -

All year long, Brett has shown the quality of “Caring” in a variety of ways. Brett shows he cares about his teachers by walking into class with a big smile and a "How are you today?" He cares about other students, asking them about their day and offering help to those in need. Brett also cares about his schoolwork, working hard and trying his best to get better every day. Team Explorers is proud to celebrate Brett Antos and knows that with his “caring” character, he will go far!

Azenet is a caring and compassionate student. She shows concern for the well-being of other students and teachers while always being positive. Azenet shows respect for her fellow students and teachers by listening to what they have to say and helping where she can. Even when faced with adversity, she remains kind and respectful to those around her. Great job, Brett and Azenet!

Fusion:  Brady Ellis and Megan Johnson-

Megan is kind toward her classmates and willing to help out her teachers.  She shows consideration for people's feelings both inside and outside of the classroom.  Megan volunteers her time helping Club HOT make our community a better place.  In addition, as a member of SSA, she makes everyone feel like they are included and welcome.  Her teachers feel so fortunate to have such a caring young lady on the team!

As part of Placerita's ASB, Brady is a leader on campus who helps both students and teachers naturally.  Not only does he lend a hand with planning and implementing student activities, but is willing to help anyone who needs it in the classroom.  Brady is friendly to everyone he meets and has such an energetic personality.  His teachers are so lucky to have this kindhearted young man on their team!

Excellence: Laura Brennan and Jonas Cruz-

Laura is often asked to be a chaperone for new students on their very first day at Placerita.  She is extremely dependable as she shadows new students, always at the door of their classrooms to usher them to their next place, making sure they understand their schedule and that they have people to be with during brunch and lunch.  Laura always reaches out quietly to help classmates and teachers whenever needed.

Jonas shows caring for his peers and his teachers alike.  Jonas is unerringly supportive of his peers’ efforts, and is the first to applaud another’s success.  Jonas’ presence in the classroom sets a positive tone for others to follow; he is a young man of the people, and everyone knows they can ask him for help and he will never judge or ridicule.  Jonas also shows a willingness to learn and a concern for his academics, making him an excellent representative of a caring individual. Congrats to both Laura and Jonas!

Pacesetters: Isabella Galoostian and Eddie Rodriguez-

Pacesetters are thrilled to recognize Bella and Eddie as their “Caring” students of the month. Bella and Eddie have stood out this school year for their positive attitudes towards all of their classmates and teachers.   

Bella demonstrates caring by making sure that this year's yearbook is the best yet. She works collaboratively with her classmates, encouraging and motivating them to try their best. Bella's big heart and bright smile warm up a room!

Eddie is a world-class door greeter in his English class, as well as an attentive and kind library worker. He welcomes students with a giant, warm smile and makes sure that others know that they are worthwhile and important. Congratulations to both of these rock star Pacesetters!

Q.U.E.S.T.:  Samuel Bell and Gabriel Valle-

Sam demonstrates “Caring” in a quiet way by being compassionate, by exercising deference to others, and by showing gentleness to his peers.  He respects his teachers and demonstrates sincerity in all that he does.  Sam is an absolute delight to have on Team QUEST!

Gabriel shows “Caring” in the way that he treats others.  He uses discretion in the use of his words in order not to cause hurt.  Gabriel is forgiving and grateful to those with whom he comes in contact.  He demonstrates self-control.  Team QUEST really appreciates Gabriel.  He is a great asset to the team!

Congratulations to all of our Students of the Month!  You are invited to a brunch held in your honor this Friday, February 1st.  Thank you for making Placerita a place where Character Counts!