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Students of the Month

Student of the Month Winners for October- “PARTICIPATION”


Congratulations to the following students who have been selected by their teachers for demonstrating the Miner P.R.I.D.E trait of “PARTICIPATION”:


Adventurers:  Alyssa Lee and Mia Gommel

Alyssa- Alyssa is a perfect candidate for the Miner Pride trait of participation. Alyssa is always engaged in the day's lesson or class discussion. She can always be counted on to turn in her work on time and have thoughtful questions or answers. Alyssa is a leader in the classroom and her teachers are proud to have her on team Adventurers!

Mia- Mia is a fantastic candidate for the Miner Pride of participation. Mia takes school seriously and sets a great example for other students. Mia is willing to take risks in class and always puts in 110% effort. Mia also participates in school activities by supporting ASB activities and as a member of Kid Flix. Mia is a reliable and well-rounded student and the Adventurers teachers are thankful that she is on our team!

A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E:    Toby Guzman and Frankie Lujan 

Team ATTITUDE nominates Toby Guzman and Frankie Lujan for PARTICIPATION. Both boys are extremely polite and well-mannered. They always raise their hands to give answers or to help out in class- whether it be helping another student, passing out papers or just turning out the lights or shutting the door. They also participate in class by being attentive listeners, completing the work given to them and giving their best effort every day!! 

Toby- Toby is hard-working but knows when and how to have fun at school! He was one of the first to volunteer to do the water Balloon toss with Mrs. Reed for the first ASB activity and is a bright spot in our classes everyday. Great job Toby!!!!   

Frankie- Frankie is very cooperative and his PE teacher says he gives 110% on weekly runs and other activities. He specifically volunteered to help his History teacher decorate the classroom for Halloween. Keep up the good work Frankie!!!

Fusion: Jaslene Piedra and Sofia Serrano

Jaslene- Jaslene Piedra is an excellent role model for participation.  From being involved with Miner Morning t.v. as an anchor to volunteering in class, her enthusiasm is apparent.  Her classmates benefit greatly by her thoughtful contribution to class discussions.

Sofia-   Sofie Serrano shows her school spirit by participating in all theme days we have at Placerita.  With an energetic attitude, she brings us important information while being an anchor on Miner Morning t.v.  She is always willing to share her ideas in class and engage in all activities.

Congratulations, ladies!  Your teachers appreciate your energy and positive attitudes!

Explorers:    Olivia Happ and Michael Fernandez

Olivia- Olivia is the perfect example of starting off the 2021-2022 school year right! She, like all of our students, has traversed the craziness of the last school year and maintained her enthusiasm for learning. Olivia is always happy to be in class and gives nothing less than 100% every day.  She is the perfect example of what it means to be an active participant. She is always eager to work with others, share answers, and add to classroom discussions. Every morning I can count on seeing Olivia’s hand raised high, eager to share her opinion and her response to the daily warm-up question. She's a pleasure to have in class, and her teachers and peers appreciate her positive attitude and consideration for others. Keep up the great work, Olivia. 

Michael- Like all 7th grade students, it took Michael a few weeks to get adjusted to the major change of moving from the familiar setting of his elementary school to the new, and often overwhelming, junior high setting. However, Michael handled it with courage, grace and perseverance. Michael has shown tremendous growth over the first few months of school, and is quickly becoming a bedrock of the Placerita community. Even while adjusting to a new environment, Michael has always been eager to participate in lessons, discussions, and activities. He is a model of how to be an active participant in his education. He is not afraid to ask questions, volunteer to read, and engage in classroom and school-wide activities. Michael is most deserving of the award for participation, and the school is lucky to have such a wonderful student who models active engagement and positive behavior on a daily basis. His teachers would like to thank Michael for being so awesome! Keep up the great work! 

Excellence:    Sophia Pena and Riley Mee

Sophia- Sophia Pena is a model of participation for Team Excellence. From being fearless of being behind the mic and in charge of the Fall Festival for ASB to diving into full character mode while reading in English class, Sophia participates in everything she approaches with 100% effort. In History class, she tackles the difficult questions without hesitation. She is the Master of Ceremonies in English class, where she makes each person celebrating a birthday in her period feel special. Sophia is involved in ASB, she is a council leader, and earned the highest council leader ranking as scored by her peers. She is also involved in Major Miners and recently performed with Hart Show Choir. We know Sophia will continue to do amazing things, all while making everyone around her feel amazing, too.

Riley- When it comes to participation, Riley Mee was one of the first people to come to the teachers minds for Team Excellence. Who dyes their hair pink for every “Wear Pink Wednesday” in October? Riley does. Who volunteers every single time Mrs. Blade, Mr. Lopez or Mr. Lamarr need someone to read aloud or answer a question? Riley does. Who volunteers to be the class “Cheerleader” the very first week of school and comes up with an impromptu dismissal chant with moves on the fly??? Riley does. Riley is an excellent participant in his Math class. Riley shows up for all of it, does it well, and does it with respect, kindness and joy. Way to go Riley Mee!!!

Pacesetters:    Kimberly Carrillo-Villasenor and Bauer Sivley

Pacesetters are excited to announce Kimberly Carrillo Vilasenor and Bauer Sivley as our students of the month for Participation!

Kimberly- Kimberly can always be counted on and trusted to do her work, participate in class discussions, and make a better learning experience for her classmates. Her English teacher Mrs. Seegmiller notes, “Kimberly is always the first one to class and takes her job as Door Greeter seriously. She makes sure everyone gets hand sanitizer as they walk in and reminds them to get out their planners or DEAR books.” Kimberly is a student that makes every teacher’s job easier by her willingness to step up and be involved in all classroom activities. Kimberly puts forth her best effort in everything she does, and her hard work pays off. Congratulations Kimberly, we are so happy to call you a Pacesetter!

Bauer- There is never a dull moment with Bauer. His enthusiasm to participate in class discussions, group work with classmates, and conversations with his teachers is unmatched. Bauer has an aura about him that draws the best out of everyone within his vicinity. If there was a vote, there is no doubt Bauer would be voted “Most School Spirit” -- he never misses a dress-up day and commits 100% everytime! Each day, Bauer sets a positive tone for himself and his classmates that is appreciated by all. Team Pacesetters thanks Bauer for all that he brings and are so happy to honor him as Student of the Month for Participation!"

Quest:  Eli Ward and Angel Hernandez Ruiz

Eli/Angel:  Both Eli and Angel take part in class discussions and add valuable insight. Their responses encourage others to also participate and it makes the classes better as a whole. Eli adds so much value to our conversations because of their travels abroad, while Angel reminds us what’s good about being right here in California. We appreciate all that they do for our classes. Great job Eli and Angel!  

Congratulations to all of our Students of the Month!   Thank you for making Placerita a place where Miner PRIDE Always Counts!