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Students of the Month

Student of the Month Winners for April- “CITIZENSHIP”

Congratulations to the following students who were selected by their teachers for demonstrating the Character Counts trait of “CITIZENSHIP”:

Adventurers: Cesar Salazar and Jack Teoli-
Cesar personifies citizenship! He goes out of his way to help his teachers and other students, and he is kind, fair, and friendly to all. Cesar is the first to volunteer when a teacher needs assistance and can always be counted on for fascinating discussions! Great job, Cesar!
Jack is well-known to the student body from Miner Morning TV. Those who know him personally know that Jack is kind to all and always upbeat. Jack eagerly engages with teachers and fellow students on a wide variety of topics. He shows maturity and yet is at ease in all situations. Congratulations Jack!

A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E.: Giovanna Medbery and Nico De Sesa-
Nico is an amazing young man whose bright energy and enthusiasm makes Team ATTITUDE better! Nico is reliable, responsible and honorable. He is the first to offer to help, to loan people items or to volunteer for school activities. Nico is polite to everyone and shows respect by making sure to include others and by listening to their opinions and ideas. Nico helps out on campus daily as well as in his community by volunteering at a local Senior Center. Great job, Nico!
Giovanna is a fabulous example of Citizenship! Her name has been brought up for every student of the month nomination this year, because she embodies all the characteristics! She is caring, trustworthy, responsible, respectful and fair all rolled into one! You can count on Gio to also be the first to volunteer to help in any situation in any way needed. She cares deeply about others feelings, their viewpoints and making sure there is equality and fairness on campus. Gio makes our community better by also volunteering at the local Senior Living Center and at her elementary school. She makes our school and campus a better place by keeping the campus clean and through her involvement with DFY. Congratulations Gio!

Explorers: Erick Martinez and Cory Castro-
Erick is the type of student who is a great citizen, not because he doesn't want to get into trouble, but because it is the right thing to do. Erick is kind and respectful to all and is able to empathize with what others are going through. His teachers are incredibly proud to recognize Erick for all of his hard work!
Cory demonstrates citizenship in a variety of ways. First, he is always respectful, kind, and has a great attitude. Next, he consistently looks for ways in which he can help out in the classroom either by helping his teacher with tasks or helping fellow students when they might be struggling. Finally, Cory is a great team player who contributes to his classes during discussion or when working with groups. Cory is a great citizen and an excellent member of our Placerita community. Great job Cory!

Fusion: Ron Paul Tamayo and Nicole Clarin-
A popular host of MMTV, Ron Paul keeps Placerita informed about important information and events while adding some personal humor. He is active in keeping our school safe as a member of SSA and helps the community while participating in club HOT. It is not surprising to see him holding the door for his fellow classmates each day.
Nicole is a quiet leader in the classroom. However, anytime she speaks, people listen. Always kind and thoughtful, she gives such insight to any discussion. She is actively involved in club HOT, making our community a better place, and is a gem to have in the classroom.
Ron Paul and Nicole are excellent examples for Citizenship and their teachers love having them on the team!

Excellence: Sophia Cranshaw and David Brown-
Sophia has been at Placerita for only a few months and yet in this short time she has demonstrated good citizenship in how well she has adjusted to the Placerita Way: cooperating with others, doing her share, and being a good neighbor by treating others with respect. Sophia is a leader in the classroom and has her priorities straight academically. Welcome and good work Sophia!
David is an extremely positive guy. He comes into first period daily with a "Good Morning" to everyone present; he shows kindness when he laughs at ALL of Mr. La Marr's jokes, and most important, David is genuinely curious about the world, which shows in how he participates academically.
Team Excellence is proud to name Sophia Cranshaw and David Brown as citizens extraordinaire!

Pacesetters: Yunus Sonmez and Lia Petersen-
Yunus is a wonderful example for all students. He came to our school last year not speaking English, yet in his time here he has excelled. He is kind to all and patient. Yunus is slow to anger but quick to smile. Yunus possesses a unique personality that will serve him well in high school and in the future. Great job Yunus!
Lia consistently displays the character trait of citizenship on a daily basis, inside and outside of the classroom. Not only is Lia a stellar scholar, but she also respects authority and all others around her. She is the first one to jump in and help others in need and does so with a smile on her face. Lia possesses the qualities and characteristics that the Pacesetters hope to instill in all of their students. Congrats Lia!

Q.U.E.S.T.: Emma Ryan-
Emma is a wonderful choice for the character quality of "Citizenship". Emma made blankets for the "Linus" project here at school. She has helped with the Cowboy Festival for the last two years, running food and supplies to the vendors at the Festival. Emma has helped in putting on make-up for those acting in injury survivor reenactments. She also helps teachers in the classroom and is a wonderful helper. Emma does amazing things for our community and demonstrates wonderful character qualities that benefit others. Congratulations, Emma!

Congratulations to all of our Students of the Month! You are invited to a brunch held in your honor this Friday, May 3rd. Thank you for making Placerita a place where Character Always Counts!