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Students of the Month

Student of Month Winners for December/January- “CARING”

Congratulations to the following students selected by their teachers for demonstrating the Character Counts trait of “CARING”:

Adventurers: Sarah Hernandez and Carlin Mustamandy- Sarah has a caring attitude and always seems to have a smile on her face. When Sarah participates in class, she has listens carefully, and has insightful and thoughtful comments.  She helps to create a caring classroom environment, and is an attentive and effective leader.  Sarah is a compassionate, grateful student who demonstrates the character trait of caring every day by simply being herself!  Carlin brings a positive attitude to class every day.  He is supportive and works well with his peers by not allowing himself to get caught up in off-topic conversation.  Carlin enjoys the process of problem-solving and achieving his goals.  He stands out among his peers due to his caring nature and his consideration not only for himself but also for the classroom environment.  

A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E:   Savannah Boyajian and Jonas Cruz- Savannah, with her bubbly personality and bright smile, and Jonas, with his easy-going style and positive attitude, are perfect examples of CARING!  Savannah and Jonas are both incredibly kind and compassionate to all those in need.  Every day they greet their teachers and others in a friendly way and are always willing to help if needed.  Both care a great deal about their grades and behavior, which reflects their personal character and pride.  Savannah and Jonas, you not only make Team ATTITUDE better, but you also make your school a better place to be!

Explorers: Elijah Phillips and Juan Sanchez- Eli is one incredibly caring person. He always thanks his teachers for their help, and leaves class telling them to have a great day.  Eli is the first person willing to pass out materials, and cares about how his classmates are doing.  Eli is a genuinely "nice human being" and is a pleasure to have in class every day.  Juan is the type of student every teacher hopes to have in class.  He cares about his work and his grades, but most importantly, he cares about how he treats others. Juan does a great job building relationships by being interested in other perspectives and viewpoints.  He is truly one in a million.  

Fusion: Hailey Hernandez and Gabriel Valle-  Hailey is a good friend to everyone.  She is kind and supportive when working with partners.  She is a positive role model and encourages everyone around her to do his best. Hailey loves to participate and offers help in the classroom regularly.  Her team teachers enjoy her beautiful smile and sweet personality!  Gabriel shows kindness to everyone around him.  He has genuine concern for others, as seen when he offers assistance if classmates need it.  His outstanding behavior serves as an example for all those who know him.  Gabriel’s team teachers enjoy his thoughtful answers and enthusiasm in the classroom. Congratulations Hailey and Gabriel for being perfect models of Caring!

Excellence:  Gabriella Miraglia- Caring and leadership go hand in hand, and Gabby leads in the best possible way - by example.  She goes out of her way to be courteous and kind to teachers and students alike. Gabby is always positive, always smiling, no matter what the situation may be. Gabby has a very strong work ethic and takes her academics extremely seriously.  When working in a group setting, she assumes leadership as she digs in to complete the task or lab, thereby keeping the whole group focused.  Gabby is an asset to Team Excellence.  Thank you, Gabriella!

Pacesetters:  Ayden LaCroix-  Ayden stands out for his positive attitude toward his classmates and teachers.  Mrs. Ludlow has noticed his kindness and compassion toward those he serves in the library.  She says that he often expresses gratitude, and loves to help those who are in need.  Ayden also takes the time to greet his teachers and his peers each day.  He asks them how they are doing and genuinely wants to hear their responses.  In class, he asks great questions and wants to understand the application of what he is learning to real life.  Ayden's hard work, diligent effort, and caring attitude are going to take him far in life.  The Pacesetters are so proud of Ayden, and can't wait to see what his future holds! 

Q.U.E.S.T.:  Jayce Peace and Sarah Ann Wathen-  Jayce demonstrates the quality of CARING by volunteering to clean and organize Miss Mathis’ classroom.  In Mrs. Brauninger’s class, he helps other students graciously.  Because of his benevolent spirit, he gets along with everyone and demonstrates compassion to his peers.  Caring is part of his character that he brings to team Q.U.E.S.T.  Sarah Ann truly has a loving spirit with her classmates as well as with animals.  She volunteers to take care of animals at the Gentle Barn, helping them to recover from injuries.  Her caring nature is seen in the way she treats everyone.  Thank you, Sarah Ann, for being so concerned about the needs of others.

Synergy:  Evelin Mendoza and Drew Morris Norris-  Evelin is a warm-hearted and caring  student.  She greets everyone around her with a smile and happiness.  Evelin brings treats for people, just out of the kindness of her heart.  She values others’ feelings and cares about making relationships.  Evelin has true compassion and kindness that is beyond her years.   Drew shows caring in the words she chooses, her interactions with others, and through her behavior in the classroom.  Drew is always willing to lend a hand, even without being asked.  She will wait for a friend, gift a teacher with a painting to make her feel welcome, and respectfully stand up for what she believes in.  Drew's love and concern for the welfare of animals is perhaps the most evident example of her caring nature. 

Congratulations to our Students of the Month!  You are invited to a brunch held in your honor this Friday, February 9th.  Thank you for making Placerita a place where Character Counts!