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Students of the Month

Student of the Month Winners for October- “RESPECT”

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected by their teachers for demonstrating the Character Counts trait of “RESPECT”:

Adventurers: Ashley Dronen and Christopher Canchola- 

Ashley is an incredibly sweet person who always displays good manners in class. She brings a smile to her teachers every day! Ashley is considerate of others and works well with her peers. She respects herself and everyone she comes into contact with. Ashley always greets her teachers at the beginning of class while thanking them and wishing them a good day at the end. She is truly a pleasure to have on Team Adventurers!

Chris is a respectful individual because he demonstrates being courteous on a daily basis. As teachers, we overhear conversations and observe how students treat each other in and out of the classroom. His teachers have seen Chris take others into consideration, follow rules and directions, and embody the Golden Rule. He is a student who can be counted on and a positive influence on others.

Congrats to Ashley and Chris!

A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E.:  Jaden Villanueva and Nicolas Carrasco-

Jaden is an incredibly polite and respectful young man. He shows respect in many ways. For example, he gives his teachers and classmates his 100% attention by actively listening and acknowledging what they have to say. Jaden accepts everyone's viewpoint with an open mind and makes a point to treat everyone equally despite ANY differences at all. You can count on Jaden to be respectful to his school and community by following the rules and setting a great example on a daily basis.

Nicolas is another fantastic example of the character of RESPECT. He also is a very active listener whenever he is working in groups, partners or just listening to instructions. He respects others' opinions and is kind to everyone around him. Nicolas has a way of dealing with differences peacefully and calmly and makes a point to never exclude someone from an activity. Nicolas shows respect to his teachers by never leaving the class without saying "Thank You" and making sure to wish them a great day! 

Jaden and Nicolas you are both AMAZING and your teachers appreciate you!

Fusion:  Mary Ellie Magsaysay and DJ Suarez-

Mary Ellie is tolerant and understanding of others or of those with differing points of view.  She literally dances her way into Period 1 every day- the joy of "being" evident in everything she does.  She often leaves post-it note reminders to those who come after her, brightening their day as well.  Her team teachers appreciate her positive energy and the way she embodies "respect" in our classrooms.

DJ is considerate in the classroom when he allows others to participate before him and listens politely to his classmates' thoughts and opinions.  He is patient with those around him and naturally says "please" and "thank you", acting as a role model for good manners. DJ actively participates in class activities with a positive attitude, and his team teachers appreciate his consistently respectful ways in their classrooms. 

Explorers: Jesus Torres and Adan Pacheco Molina-

The Character Counts Trait of Respect is one of the most important lessons that we teach at Placerita, and Jesus is a great example of a student who shows respect- for friends, his peers, and for adults.  The kindness he shows to his fellow students is real, and it shows! He is polite, and demonstrates good manners by always saying "good morning" when he comes into the classroom.  Jesus is quiet, but his actions speak volumes about his respect for others!  Way to go Jesus!! 

Adan has had a wonderful and respectful start to his eighth-grade year. Each day he enters class with a smile and prepared to start the day's activities. He is kind to his teachers and to his friends, making sure to offer help and support when needed. Adan has kind words as he leaves a class and thanks his teachers after they have helped him with an assignment. He also makes sure he respects our campus by leaving his lunch area tidy and clean. Adan, your teachers are proud to have you as a member of Team Explorers. Great job!

Excellence: Peyton Rutherford and Justin Bryant-

Peyton is a remarkable role model of respect here at Placerita. She has incredible manners: She greets staff members with a smile every day and says, ‘thank you’ to the teacher when she leaves.  Peyton gives her full effort to every class activity. She also shows a high level of respect towards other students, taking time and effort to be a friend or work partner to someone who does not have one. Peyton is a joy to have on Team Excellence!

Justin is new to our Placerita family this year, but has easily made friends with his vibrant, friendly personality and contagious, joyful demeanor. Justin constantly encourages other students around him to do their best and to participate in classroom activities. Justin sets a great example for others around him to follow. Not only is he extremely polite and friendly, he is quite a joke-teller and can easily bring a smile or laugh to the classroom, when it is the appropriate time of course!

Congrats to both Peyton and Justin!

Pacesetters: Kathleen Garcia and Eric Vergara Baltazar-

Kathleen and Eric exemplify what it means to be respectful every day. They are kind to their peers, and always happy to lend a helping hand. Both Kathleen and Eric stood out from day one to their teachers, as they always use good manners, are considerate of the feelings of others, and patiently listen.  Kathleen consistently speaks with respect and, as a class door greeter in her English class, she greets each student with a smile and a kind word! In History, Kathleen never talks at inappropriate times or causes distractions for her classmates. She has a "can-do" attitude and always tries her best. Eric kindly listens and regularly participates in class discussions; he always values the input of others. Eric also speaks attentively with eye contact and takes great pride in his work. He is a natural leader and always brings a great attitude and a high level of respect to everyone around him, especially his peers. Eric and Kathleen truly demonstrate respect for all -- themselves, their teachers, and their peers.  Your team teachers are proud to call you Pacesetters!   

Q.U.E.S.T.:  Nash Carpenter and Molly Eustace-

Nash shows respect to his teachers and peers on a daily basis with his friendly disposition. He speaks in a way that creates calmness in those around him. Nash helps his classmates when he sees them struggling and offers compliments when he sees them being successful.  Overall, Nash is kind, responsible, helpful, and shows great integrity in all that he does.  His teachers truly appreciate his kindness and respect for others! 

Molly is a student who works well with others in such a way that her classmates feel appreciated and heard during discussions. In her English class, she redirects her group when they are starting to veer off-task and helps them get back on track. Molly recently has committed herself to SSA and to helping others respectfully deal with conflicts. She is a valuable asset to Team Quest! 

Congratulations to all of our Students of the Month!  You are invited to a brunch held in your honor this Friday, November 1st.  Thank you for making Placerita a place where Character Always Counts!