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Students of the Month

Student of the Month Winners for October- “Respect” 

Congratulations to the following students who were selected by their teachers for demonstrating the Character Counts trait of “RESPECT”:


Adventurers:  Marcelo Ochoa-

Students as well as adults can learn a great deal about respect from Marcelo Ochoa. Marcelo treats all those around him with kindness and equality. He also has a unique ability to put others at ease. His poise and calm self-confidence should be a model for all of us.  Congratulations, Marcelo!

A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E:  Declan Gallagher and Isa Magee-

Declan and Isa are great examples for the character trait of Respect.  Declan treats others in a kind manner, is not rude and does not interrupt when others are talking.  Isa treats others the way they would want to be treated and gives others her full attention when they are talking.  Both Declan and Isa show respect to not just their teachers and staff, but to their peers also.  Congratulations to Declan and Isa. Keep up the “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”!  

Explorers:   Marcos Mendoza Martinez and Nathan Flores-

Marcos is a student that every teacher enjoys having in class. Not only because he is a hard worker and has a great attitude, but also because he demonstrates respect and gratitude. He is polite in class and looks to help his teachers whenever he can. When receiving help from a teacher or asking a question, Marcos always makes sure to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Marcos shows respect every day and Team Explorers is lucky to have him on their team!

Nathan exemplifies respect. He is always willing to help his peers and teachers; he respects the property of his classmates and always thanks others for their support or help. Nathan is able to consider other's feelings when he takes action, and is a very loyal friend. Nathan's teachers can count on him to make the right choice and be a leader inside and outside the classroom. He should be very proud of his time so far at Placerita! 

Congrats to both Marcos and Nathan!

Fusion:  Kaia Cavin and Aaron Quevedo-

Kaia is respectful toward all students and teachers.  She follows the golden rule to treat others like she would like to be treated.  Kaia is kind toward everyone and considerate of others' feelings.  Her teachers love having her on team Fusion!

Aaron is polite and has good manners toward his classmates and teachers.  He is respectful and mature when tolerating differences in people.  Aaron is patient and calm when allowing classmates to participate when waiting his turn.  His teachers think he is awesome and enjoy having him on the team!

Great job, Kaia and Aaron!

Excellence: Doug Aston and Alanna Labian-

Doug is a model student in class: he is polite when spoken to, is considerate of others, and is always on task in his classes.  Doug recently emailed a request to his teachers and it was worded in a way that shows that he holds his teachers in high esteem.  Doug is kind and tolerant with his fellow students.

Alanna shows respect for herself and others in many ways.  She has a very strong work ethic and is responsible in word and action.  Alanna treats others with respect:  when working in groups she puts forth consistent effort and quiet leadership.  She greets her teachers as she enters the classroom and thanks them when she leaves.  Alanna definitely treats others as she herself would like to be treated.

Doug Aston and Alanna Labian both embody the character trait of respect, and Team Excellence is proud to have them on the team!

Pacesetters: Nathaniel Wilkinson and Brady Davaris-

Nathaniel and Brady exemplify what it means to be respectful every day. They are kind to their peers, and happy to lend a helping hand. Both stood out from day one to their teachers, as they use good manners, are considerate of the feelings of others, and patiently listen. Nathaniel speaks attentively with eye contact and takes great pride in his work; Brady kindly listens and participates in class discussions and values the input of others. Both can be seen with a smile on their face and a are friendly to everyone around them. Their drive and determination to put forth their best effort at everything they do is reflected in their successes both in and out of the classroom!  Nathaniel and Brady truly demonstrate respect for all -- themselves, their teachers, and their peers. When we think of the Golden Rule, we think of Nathaniel and Brady. Great job!

Q.U.E.S.T.:  Harmony Terrazas and Peter Chavez-

Harmony lives up to her name.  She practices good manners and adheres to the Golden Rule.  Harmony only speaks kindly to her peers and teachers.  She is peaceful in her spirit and it shows in all that she does.  She truly brings "harmony" to team Q.U.E.S.T.!  

Peter shows respect in how he treats his peers and teachers. He shows patience and kindness when he helps other students in class that are struggling to understand a concept. Mrs. Ludlow says Peter is very responsible in the library and always respectful to students he is helping. He also shows respect by his diligence to complete all of his work, prepare for tests, and participate in classroom discussions. 

Thank you Harmony and Peter!

Congratulations to all of our Students of the Month!  You are invited to a brunch held in your honor this Friday, Nov. 2nd.  Thank you for making Placerita a place where Character Counts!