Students of the Month

Student of the Month Winners for March/April- “EMPATHY”

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected by their teachers for demonstrating the Miner P.R.I.D.E trait of “EMPATHY”:

ADVENTURERS: Kevin Ventura (invited back) & Noah Jauregui

Kevin- Kevin Ventura is a wonderful young man! Kevin is goal oriented and always figures out a way to get the job done! Kevin displays this determination in all facets of school...classroom assignments and tests, playing the flute in Advanced Band and Honor Band, and on the Robotics team. Kevin, your teachers are so proud of you! Congrats!

Noah- The Adventurers are pleased to nominate Noah Jauregui for the Miner PRIDE award for Empathy. Noah has a pure, kind heart! Noah exemplifies empathy through his actions with people and animals. He is genuinely concerned about the way people have treated each other in the past and present. The only time you will hear Noah talk poorly about someone is when they are being greedy or hurtful to others. If Noah were in charge of the world, everyone would treat each other with kindness and fairness. His aura truly lights up the classroom and everyone who meets him is impacted in a positive way. Congrats Noah!

A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E: Madi Smith & Ella Tovmasyan

Madison is a wonderful bright spot of energy, and she uses that energy in many positive ways, including helping brighten other student's days! She is a wonderful active listener and is able to identify with others problems and support them with her words or by just being there for them. She can be counted on to not only help her friends, but through her training in Safe School Ambassadors she is also reaching out and helping other students who  may need a kind word or just a helping hand. This is why we felt Madi was an excellent choice for EMPATHY

Ella is a wonderful young lady who is extremely kind and cares about others. She is always willing to help other students in class when they are stuck or get lost on something we are doing. In addition, she takes the time to give others a smile and wish them a good day. Her ability to be an active listener and relate to others' problems, as well as trying to help them, shows that Ella is a great candidate for EMPATHY. 

Your teachers are very proud of both of you!!!!

FUSION: Riayn LoveladyLamar & Aryana Saeednia

Riayn stands out as an outstanding role model for demonstrating empathy toward others.  Always willing to help, she is aware and sensitive to what others need.  Her positive energy and effort can be seen in both her behavior in her classes and in her participation with MMTV.  Riayn, your teachers appreciate your friendly smile and terrific attitude!

Aryana acts as an excellent example for her peers by showing empathy for others by being a good listener. She has a mature understanding of when her help is needed.  Always thoughtful and kind, she is willing and happy to help a fellow classmate or teacher.  Aryana, your teachers value how considerate you always are of everyone’s feelings!

EXPLORERS: Andrea Garcia (invited back), Jhair Sondon, & Julissa Flores

Andrea:  The Explorer team teachers are pleased to honor Andrea Garcia as student of the month for "Determination".  Andrea is a very nice young lady, polite, respectful, focused and determined to do her very best in all of her academic classes. Her grades are outstanding and reflect that determination.  Andrea is a role model for her peers and her team teachers appreciate her hard work. Congratulations Andrea... you are our SUPERSTAR!!

Jhair: Jhair is an incredibly special person. As he begins to gain your trust, you become extremely lucky to be able to see what a kind heart he has. Jhair demonstrates his empathetic personality by caring for all animals and sticking up for his friends. Keep up this positive attitude Jhair!

Julissa: Julissa has been a wonderful member of Team Explorers this year with a loving, caring personality. She is kind, respectful, and brings a positive energy to each of her classes. Julissa shows empathy by showing the people she loves in her life just how much they mean to her. She also goes above and beyond in trying to make people feel good about themselves. Team Explorers is proud to celebrate Julissa this year.

EXCELLENCE: Jonathan Cisneros (invited back) & Wyatt McCreery

Jonathan:  Team Excellence is honored to have Jonathan Cisneros on our team. Jonathan is a role model of integrity. Jonathan is honest, respectful, and hard working.  Regardless of how the rest of the class is behaving, Jonathan can always be counted on to stay on task and complete his work. Jonathan is determined to achieve to the best of his ability, he will work hard, sometimes giving up basketball at lunch or brunch, to check in with his teachers on assignments. We are so proud of Jonathan, he will do great things in his future.

Wyatt: Wyatt is always polite and thoughtful. He is extremely helpful to his peers and teachers. Wyatt always participates in class, answering the tough questions, even if no one else is willing to take the risk. Wyatt is an incredibly talented and creative music student. His confidence and willingness to help others make him a stand-out music student! He is also very thoughtful and polite in his role of student service for the office. When leaving class, Wyatt always expresses gratitude and says thank you to each teacher. Wyatt is also Placerita’s biggest Disney fan. Wyatt is kind, especially to those who don’t always share in his immense passion for all things Disney, and will always willingly invest in explaining how anything in life relates to Disney.  Team Excellence is so proud to have Wyatt as part of their team!

QUEST: Benjamin Rochlen & Ryder Bartley

Ben: shows the quality of empathy in his interactions with students and teachers. Ben is known on Team Quest for standing up for the underdog, and caring about other students when they encounter trouble in their lives. He is compassionate and takes action to help when the opportunity arises.

Ryder: makes great efforts to include other students and make them feel welcomed to his group.  Mrs. Daily recalled how Ryder was empathetically understanding at the Student Television Network Conference this year.  She said, “He was always the one who would step up and be partners with anyone who needed it.”  He welcomed other students and made them feel comfortable in his group.

PACESETTERS: Mafe Taylor & David Maulion

David has been a pleasure to get to know this year. He has shown that he approaches others with true compassion and without judgment. He cares about his learning, and the learning of others. David listens with curiosity and accepts help easily. Mrs. Velazquez attests, “David is always so gentle and kind hearted, when he has a question in class he never hesitates to approach his teachers to ask for guidance and reassurance and is always there for his fellow classmates.” When students may be unkind to others, David steps up with genuine empathy for that person and has an incredible moral compass. We on team Pacesetters appreciate David’s hard work and kindness in all of our classes. 

Mafe has been wonderful to get to know this year. Among her drive to be successful, she has also demonstrated that she truly cares for others. She recognizes the perspective of others quickly and in turn advocates for them almost seamlessly. Mr. Frick notes, “He appreciates Mafe’s genuine desire to help her fellow classmates in history class, going so far as to talk to him on their behalf if they might be too shy to talk to him themselves.” She seems to have a true gift in understanding the feelings of others. She listens with the goal to understand and is an all-around wonderful person to those around her. It has been such a pleasure to have someone like Mafe on team Pacesetters."

Congratulations to all of our Students of the Month!   Thank you for making Placerita a place where Miner PRIDE Always Counts!