Mission & Vision

Exterior of Placerita Junior High School
With “Pride in Excellence” as our motto, Placerita Junior High School’s staff, students, parents, and community will cooperate to serve the student, recognizing the unique characteristics of early adolescents. In a safe, caring, and healthy environment, we will prepare students with academic, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical skills to help them become positive, productive, capable citizens. It is the vision of faculty, staff, and parents that the school mission statement will be achieved by establishing:
A safe, orderly, and caring school environment that respects diversity and emphasizes tolerance of others.
An environment that recognizes the value and potential of each student.
An atmosphere that promotes teamwork among members of the school community.
An academically challenging learning environment for all students.
An environment that encourages students to mature socially and emotionally.
An on-going process of review and evaluation.