Attitude » A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E.


Welcome to Team ATTITUDE!!

Don't buy too many school shirts yet...we will be having our team T-Shirt and Sweatshirt fundraiser. Students are allowed to wear team t-shirts/sweatshirts to school - these count as per uniform code. Flyers will be coming home soon!  For immediate questions, please email Ms. Blevins.

History:  Ms. Blevins

Welcome to World History and Geography! We are off to a fantastic start to the year in History. We are currently studying the glory that was Rome and then watching it all fall apart…Who ever said History can’t be fun!? We will quickly be moving into The Arabian peninsula and learning about the monotheistic religion of Islam. We are looking forward to an adventurous year!

English: Ms. Fernandez

Welcome to 7th grade English! We will explore fun and exciting areas of language arts and discover the pleasures of reading and writing through a variety of activities. Through literature, students will learn about themselves and others, including people of other cultures, other places, and other times.

Science: Mrs. Reed

Welcome to 7th grade Life Science!  In this full year science class we will discover more about the cycling of matter and energy, ecosystems, cells, growth of plants and animals, how body systems work together, genetics, and earth history.


If you need assistance with any school supplies, please see your counselor.