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Science -- 7th Grade -- Mrs. Soto Team Fusion...

Welcome to 7th grade science! I am looking forward to having an excellent year with you and I hope that you will find science to be a positive and enjoyable experience. The main topics you will be learning about this year include: Cell Biology, DNA & Genetics, Human Body Systems, Evolution, Engineering and Scientific Investigation/Inquiry. The skills and knowledge you will gain in this class will better prepare you for high school as well as help you to better understand and appreciate the world around you.

Kelly M. Soto
Placerita Junior High School
Science/CSI Teacher - 7th grade
[email protected]

English -- 7th Grade -- Ms. Martinsen 

Social Studies/Geography -- 7th Grade -- Mrs. Daily 

Welcome to 7th Grade History

I am looking forward to a great year with you..... In 7th grade we study Ancient World Civilizations.

1st quarter: Rome
The Middle East

2nd quarter: The Middle Americas(Maya, Aztec, Inca)
Ancient China

3rd quarter: Ancient Japan
European Middle Ages

4th quarter: Renaissance
Age of Exploration
Scientific Revolution
The Enlightenment

Bree Hammer-- ELD Coordinator
Newcomer English and Achieve

[email protected]

If you need assistance with any school supplies, please see your counselor.