Math Home Page

Incoming 7th Grade

  • All incoming 7th graders will be asked to take a placement test to determine what course they will be placed in for the fall.  Students will either be placed in Math 7 or Math 7 Accelerated.

New and Returning 8th Grade

  • All returning 8th graders will be placed in the next sequential course.  Math 7 students will go to Math 8.  Math 7 Accelerated students will be placed in Algebra 1 or Math 8 based upon grades and placement test scores. 

Note:  Students must have completed either Math 8 or Math 7 Accelerated to be placed into Algebra 1, no exceptions

At Placerita we are proud to offer the following math classes:
Math 7: Math 7 is a year long class covering the concepts of Probability, Geometry, Rational Numbers, Equations, Inequalities and Proportions. The textbook for this class will be Reveal Course 2.
Math 8: Math 8 is a year long class covering the topics of Real Numbers, Equations in one and two variables, Functions, Triangles and the Pythagorean Theorem, Transformations, Congruence and Similarity, Volume and Surface Area, Scatterplots and Data Analysis. 
The textbook for this class will be Reveal Course 3.
For our advanced students, we offer:
Math 7 Accelerated:  Math 7 Accelerated is an extremely rigorous course that covers both 7th and 8th  grade CC Math standards and prepares its students for Algebra 1 in 8th grade. This course will require approximately 45 minutes of homework, nightly, including weekends.
Algebra 1: Algebra 1 is the next course in the sequence taken by students after they have completed either Math 7 Accelerated or Math 8.  Algebra covers the topics of Equations and Inequalities, Functions, Linear Concepts, Exponents, Radical and Polynomials, Quadratic Functions and Probability and Statistics.
All Math classes at Placerita follow the Common Core standards and procedures.