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Student Success Strategies

Student Success Strategies

Before leaving for school, I eat a healthy breakfast. choose dress-code appropriate clothing to wear. double-check my stuff to make sure that I have everything.

Every class period, I record assignments & information in my planner. I will write neatly and copy everything that is written on my teachers’ boards/overheads. I will have my teachers sign or stamp my planner verifying that what I have written is complete & accurate. I will exit the classroom only after I am clear about what has been assigned: I know how to complete my homework, or project, and I know what I need to do before our next class meeting.

When I return home from school, I relax for a bit and eat something nutritious. I will show my parent/guardian(s) my planner & discuss what assignments need to be done. I will set a  time & work-to-be-completed goals for the rest of the evening. I will show my parent/guardian(s) what they should expect to SEE; evidence of what I will have completed. I will not battle with my parent/guardian(s) about having to do my homework.

Before I sit down to work on homework/projects or to study for tests, I gather everything that I will need so that I don’t waste time by having to get up & down to retrieve items. I will create a workspace that helps me  focus and work productively (good lighting, desk-type seating, quiet environment). I will turn off my phone; disconnect from the Internet; silence my music and stay away from the TV remote.

While doing my homework, I do whatever it takes to devote my full attention to my academic tasks. I take my time and put forth serious effort. I read all assignment directions before attempting to work. I read to understand, not to “find the answers" and write so that others can read it (if others cannot read it, I will be made to do the assignment over).

Before going to bed, I organize my notebook(s) and pack my backpack. I will place my backpack & any necessary supplies in a pre-determined location so that I won’t forget anything tomorrow morning. I thank my parent/guardian(s) for their unconditional love and support.

By continually monitoring the Infinite Campus, I am able to check for clerical errors (mistakes made by teacher). I will look for the assignments that are “missing” & ask if I can turn them in (depends on teacher’s “late work” policy). I will also see my most updated grades.  I can see how all of my daily efforts (doing my homework) are being rewarded by good grades and stay motivated.